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Ashland Inc Employee Reviews

Out of 34 Ashland Inc employee reviews, 67% were positive. The remaining 33% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping Ashland Inc improve their work culture.

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Leadership Reviews

Everyone works together and finds the answer no matter what

Communication and human centric management

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Leadership Reviews

Treating their employees better...Seems it is always about the company and little about the worker anymore ..completely different than it was when the original owner of the company was alive.

More attention should be paid to employees' ideas and concerns.

Prioritizing retention and employee development from the bottom-up. Middle management destroys efforts of diversity and inclusion by relegating minorities to the least priority and least visible tasks. Leaders should mentor and formally sponsor minority employees at the entry levels.

Implementing changes in a fashion that is clear and exact.

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Compensation Reviews

Family, rent and travel/commute support, full coverage health insurance and annual bonuses

I get matching stock up to 6 percent of my wages

401(K), dental, Bonuses, Incentives, Equities

Good 401K package and benefits.

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Compensation Reviews

If I am paid the wage I am owed instead of being given the run around about why I havent received a raise when others around me have started off making more that I do

The global director stated to my face that my gender and race would prevent me from advancing in this company. I am not recognized for the business value that I bring no matter how well-documented it is, and am severely underpaid. Salary should be a respectable amount to reflect my efforts.

What are some of the best things about your team?

Team Reviews

They come together and help when they know im stressed out

We know each other personally and have for many years and enjoy one anothers company and friendship and work well together

Good teammates with strong work ethic

Work together well and work effectively.

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Team Reviews

They could stop under-utilizing my talents and skills, or assuming that I know nothing or need to be micro-managed. Acknowledging the work that I do and my capability as an employee would also improve relations and communication greatly.

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Environment Reviews

The ability to interact with coworkers in a friendly and workmanship manner

it's friendly, organized and easy to adapt

Ashland tries to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Environment Reviews

Have set paths of development for employees, and encourage development of all useful business skills such as foreign language learning, project management, or participation in corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship efforts. Employees excel when not seen as confined to one role.

What did you like most about the interview process?

Interviews Reviews

That they were open to my questions

It was cordial and laid back and knew i had the job before i even had my interview

The recruiters and hiring managers were competent and professional.

Being able to interview with the entire team and demonstrate your hard and soft skills through multiple conversations and a presentation.

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Interviews Reviews

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What makes you most happy at work?

Outlook Reviews

When my boss is helping me learn my job as a backup lead n being patient w me

Being able to interact with coworkers

My cool colleagues and the environment of Ashland

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Outlook Reviews

Out-dated attitudes about race and gender prevail, and top talent is not being retained. If Ashland doesn't aggressively promote from within, in a few short years the company won't exist. If young techs keep leaving and older scientists keep retiring, there will be no R&D, for example.

Current job security uncertainty within the company as large changes are being made.

What do you like best about your company?

Outlook Reviews

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What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Outlook Reviews

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