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Working At Atomic

Atomic employees answer questions about what life is like behind the scenes at their company, including queries about culture, leadership, professional development, and compensation.

How employees describe working at Atomic

Great memories and coworkers. But lots of stress that could be easily avoided.

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Q&A With Atomic Employees

Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • Atomic employees rate their overall benefits a D and most of them think the perks are Neutral. 50% of Atomic employees say they are satisfied with their benefits. The majority of employees also get Unlimited of paid vacation, and most of the employees believe the cash value of their benefits is less than $500/mo.

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Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • On average, majority of employees have a mentor to help them navigate their career at Atomic.

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28% of Atomic employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 29% are neutral and 43% would not recommend working at Atomic to their friends.

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