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Lev Gorodinski — VP Engineering at

Lev Gorodinski — VP Engineering at

Executive Bio

Lev Gorodinski serves as the VP Engineering of Lev started at in Apr of 2014. Lev currently resides in the Greater New York City Area.

Executive Team Culture Ratings from Employees

15%'s Executive Team scores in the Top 15%
of similar sized companies on Comparably

Who ranks the Executive Team the highest?

Tenure - 1 to 2 Years 92/100
Ethnicity - Hispanic or Latino 90/100
Experience - 1 to 3 Years 79/100

Who ranks the Executive Team the lowest?

Tenure - 2 to 5 Years 35/100
Department - Product 63/100
Department - Sales 70/100's Executive Team at a Glance

Based on 42 ratings,'s employees are very satisfied with their Executive Team and give them an “A-” or 75/100. On average, Men provided higher ratings for their Executive Team compared to Women. Also, the Engineering department thinks more highly of the Executive Team relative to the Product department.'s Executive Team ranks in the Top 15% of other companies on Comparably that also have 5,001-10,000 Employees.

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