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Microsoft Layoffs


At Microsoft, 68% of employees are not concerned about layoffs. With the majority of employees expressing their happiness with Microsoft's culture, one may not need to be worried about mass layoffs.

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Warning Signs of Layoffs at Microsoft

At Microsoft, there could be warning signs of potential layoffs. At Microsoft 11% of employees regularly feel insecure. And, 16% have stated they once took a pay cut to keep their jobs. 8% have identified instability at Microsoft as a potential reason for leaving.

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Future of Microsoft


Customers’ and employees’ perception of Microsoft's performance can give insight into the future of Microsoft. On a scale of 1-10, employees have given a confidence rating of 8, while customers think Microsoft will have a good performance.

Recent Questions about Layoffs at Microsoft

  • How are layoffs handled in the Engineering department at Microsoft?
    General layoffs in engineering are very rare. There are occasionally teams that become obsolete for one reason or another but normally, those are handled through reassignment. In the rare case of a layoff, people are generally given time and resources to find another job either internally or externally. Most of the people that are layed off are hired into another internal group. In the rare case someone is actually layed off they are generally given severance.
    Answered 4 years ago
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  • How are layoffs handled in the Sales department at Microsoft?
    I have no reference point on this subject within Microsoft. Cisco would lay off non performers and bring in new blood. I think Microsoft would be more likely to shift people to other positions before laying off.
    Answered 4 years ago
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