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Working At Motion Industries

Motion Industries has earned a reputation for having Brands You Count on and People You Trust. We’re proud to be a valued partner across numerous specialty industries (wind and solar power generation, wastewater treatment, pipelines, railroads and more). And we’re equally proud to partner with the thousands of talented people who invest their careers with us.

How employees describe working at Motion Industries

Fair and open. interested in your sucsess

Posted 6 days ago

Was a great place to work many years ago, but has continually gone downhill with growing employee/ management disconnect. No weight given to employees concerns by management. Managers absent from physical branch locations

Posted 13 days ago

Motion is a great company with a lot of room for career advancement and growth.

Great company, I love going to work everyday

The culture is nice and they are very considerate of oersonal situations and providing as mich support as possible. They dont offer any bonuses or incentives for the corporage workers outside management no matter how hard you work. There's bonuses and incentives for all except corporate office work.

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  • Pretty high, people generally like working at Motion.

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54% of Motion Industries employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 15% are neutral and 31% would not recommend working at Motion Industries to their friends.

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