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John Gentry OpenX's CEOJohn Gentry OpenX CEO Rating

OpenX's CEO, John Gentry, has 22 employee ratings and a score of 75/100, placing them in the Top 15% of similar size companies on Comparably with 501-1,000 Employees and Top 30% of other companies in Los Angeles. When breaking the CEO score down by factors such as department, gender, and ethnicity, we see that males at OpenX rate John Gentry higher than females, giving the CEO a score of 75/100.

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Where This Score Ranks OpenX's CEO Rating

  • TOP

    In the Top 15% of 1821 Similar Sized Companies on Comparably

  • TOP

    In the Top 30% of 400 Nearby Companies in Los Angeles

  • 3rd

    3rd place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

A-75 / 100

OpenX CEO John Gentry Bio

John Gentry is the president and CEO of OpenX. OpenX is a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology focused on unleashing the full economic potential of digital media companies.

Prior to OpenX, John was president of Spot Runner, developer of the Malibu Media Platform, an online media exchange that simplifies the buying and selling of television media. Before Spot Runner, he was chief revenue officer of Green Dot, the pioneer and market leader in the prepaid debit card industry. Previously, John was senior vice president and general manager of the Affiliate Business of Overture Services, Inc., the originator of the paid search advertising model, now a key driver of the digital economy. Before Overture, John was an executive at Disney/ABC Cable Networks and Discovery Communications.

John holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Los Angeles and an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Who Ranks OpenX's CEO Rating the Highest?

Department - Product 80/100
Department - Engineering 78/100
Ethnicity - Caucasian 76/100

Who Ranks OpenX's CEO Rating the Lowest?

Tenure - 1 to 2 Years 68/100
Ethnicity - Asian or Pacific Islander 70/100
Gender - Female 70/100

OpenX CEO John Gentry At a Glance

The CEO score provides an understanding of how employees feel about the CEO’s leadership style and effectiveness at OpenX.

Based on 22 ratings, John Gentry ranks right below PubMatic's CEO, Rajeev Goel.

OpenX's CEO is highly regarded by the Product department, the Engineering department, and Caucasian employees. However, employees who have been at the company 1 to 2 Years, Asian or Pacific Islander employees, and Female employees have a less favorable view of the CEO and believe there is room for improvement. Overall, the CEO score has remained stable over the last 90 days.

OpenX CEO John Gentry Rating Trendline

  • OpenX
  • Other Companies in Los Angeles73
  • Similar Size on Comparably72

How OpenX's CEO Rating Score is Calculated


Results from 19 Employees in All Departments, All Genders, All Ethnicities and All Yrs. Experience Experience

out of 100
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OpenX's CEO Rating Rank Against Similar Sized Companies on Comparably


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OpenX's CEO Rating Rank Against Other Companies Nearby


OpenX ranks in the Top 30% of other companies in Los Angeles for CEO Rating Score.

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