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UnitedHealth Group Financials

UnitedHealth Group's financial transparency and wellbeing is ranked 3rd in comparison to competitors: Milliman, Anthem, Inc., Humana and Aetna.

UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1974. UnitedHealth Group earned $201,159,000,000 in revenue during the fiscal year ending in 2017 with a 9% increase over 2016's revenue earned.

Number of Employees

UnitedHealth Group has 285,000 employees and is headquartered in Minneapolis

UnitedHealth Group Revenue

UnitedHealth Group's revenue is currently $201,159,000,000.

UnitedHealth Group Live Stock Price

Employee Opinions on UnitedHealth Group Financials

Employees at UnitedHealth Group are highly confident about the overall future success of their company. One of the sources contributing to their opinion is the financial transparency at UnitedHealth Group.

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Questions Recently Asked about UnitedHealth Group

  • How do you feel about UnitedHealth Group's future?
    Answered 3 years ago
    Semi positive. As time goes on, it's looking to be all about the shareholders and now everyone is called 'constituents', which I don't like at all, and they tout they care about the employees but there are no actions to prove that (this is from myself, my peers in current unit as well as peers in my prior units - we all stay in touch)
    Answered 4 years ago
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