Top Companies to Work For in Memphis

How do we decide whether we like the companies we work for? A company has to have great leadership, a strong mission, and produce a worthy product or service to make most of us feel like we’re part of something worthwhile. Beyond that, we all have things we want personally from a company: a solid paycheck, good benefits, coworkers we like, and a challenging and rewarding atmosphere.

These companies based in Memphis were rated as the best to work for by their own employees on Comparably. This means they’re doing something very right. A job can be a source of great joy or great hardship, so the fact that these employees are so enthusiastic about the companies they work for is a sure sign that they’ve found that ideal mix of culture, compensation, and environment.

The list that follows is a live leaderboard of the top companies in the area based on current employees’ ratings and reviews. Companies are ranked based on their all time ratings and the ranking can change as employees leave new ratings and reviews.

Top Companies to Work For
Rank Company Details
Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited focuses to conserv

FedEx Freight

They are all feminists beside the one female we have on our team that is a sup. The new OM has had two incounters instead of doing the right thing he humiliated both females

- FedEx Freight Employee
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Our mission is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.

The patients and families and co workers.

- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Employee
Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains.

Everything but I love the self development most!

- Juice Plus Employee

Methodist Healthcare is an integrated, not-for-profit healthcare system in Memphis.

My direct manager is fair, works in the pit with us and loves us like family. She’s amazing at

- Methodist Employee
IMC Technologies

IMC Technologies is a company which utilize state-of-the-art knowledge-based solutions and top class expertise to help enterprises.

The perfect clean and positive attitude

- IMC Technologies Employee

FedEx Corporation provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services.

Everyone gets along and communicates effectively

- FedEx Employee

Start Co. accelerates B2B, logistics, women-led, and social impact startups.

it gives me what i need in proportion to my work done

- Start Co. Employee

Fred is a coffee steeped in cold water, without using high temperatures and Without losing its flavour.

Verso Paper

"Verso Paper is a producer of coated papers including coated groundwood, coated freesheet, and specialty products"


Hunter is a designer and manufacturer of ceiling fans.

Open and transparent. Very professional

- Hunters Employee

Capital C is a code school for adults looking to transition into full-time software development careers.

The fact that they take good care of us

- Capital C Employee
Hunter Fan Company

Hunter Fan Company manufactures home comfort products in North America. It offers ceiling fans, portable fans, decorative bathroom fans,