Top Companies to Work For in West Virginia

How do we decide whether we like the companies we work for? A company has to have great leadership, a strong mission, and produce a worthy product or service to make most of us feel like we’re part of something worthwhile. Beyond that, we all have things we want personally from a company: a solid paycheck, good benefits, coworkers we like, and a challenging and rewarding atmosphere.

These companies based in West Virginia were rated as the best to work for by their own employees on Comparably. This means they’re doing something very right. A job can be a source of great joy or great hardship, so the fact that these employees are so enthusiastic about the companies they work for is a sure sign that they’ve found that ideal mix of culture, compensation, and environment.

The list that follows is a live leaderboard of the top companies in the area based on current employees’ ratings and reviews. Companies are ranked based on their all time ratings and the ranking can change as employees leave new ratings and reviews.

Top Companies to Work For
Rank Company Details

VHT is the leading full service provider of Visual Marketing Services specially designed for the Real Estate Industry.

The people I work with and the trust and respect I have and am given everyday from my immediate manager.

- VHT Employee
The Charleston Gazette

The Charleston Gazette is a weekly newspaper published in Charleston, West Virginia.

Everyone has a chance to take lead

- The Charleston Gazette Employee

HR That Makes a Difference.

My belief in what we do as a company

- Insperity Employee
ViVex Biomedical

Vivex Biomedical is a biomedical company developing implant technology and stem cell therapies.

Always willing to help employees.

- ViVex Biomedical Employee

ESETis a provider of antivirus and security software solutions.

I like the way they engage with me and encourage me to develop.

- ESET Employee
Valued Relationships

VRI, voted Service Business of the Year and one of the Best Places to Work in Dayton, is a leading nationwide provider of medical alarm


Reinhart FoodService operates as a food service distributor in the United States.

I get to be physically active, and essentially work out for 6-8 hours a day and I get paid for it

- Reinhart Employee