13 Standout Recruitment Marketing Leaders in the Southwest

Recruitment marketing is the art of attracting top talent to your company using a healthy employer brand. It’s all about treating potential talent as customers. This requires a recruitment marketing team that knows where to look for and how to entice top talent who often have a spread of interested companies to choose from. It’s the place where HR meets marketing, and it requires someone with cutting edge know-how of the lay of the land.

In that spirit, here are 13 stellar Recruitment Marketing specialists from across the U.S. Southwest. They write books and blogs and host or guest on podcasts to spread the word about their company to the places where top talent will find it.

Victoria Buckner
Recruitment Marketing & Sourcing Strategist

Prior to her role at Banner Health, Buckner served as HR Network Recruiter for Carondelet Health Network and as Recruiting Manager for Sears Holding Corporation. She earned a BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix.

“I am so very fortunate to be at a point in my professional journey where I am paid to do what I love. I am proud to be a part of the Banner team that recruits the most skilled and caring professionals in the industry. I believe in the Banner Health mission to make health care easier and life better!”

Nisha Raghavan
Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

A Proactive Talent Attraction professional adept at implementing Employer Branding strategies to attract, engage, and retain diverse talent. Highly passionate about developing and implementing strategies to increase the employer brand awareness internally using employee advocacy programs, and externally utilizing various channels like Glassdoor, Indeed, Social media/Digital platforms.

“She is super creative with communications and she is a social media genius. She thinks both outside and inside the box to get the job done.”
– Kimer Moore, LinkedIn

Kelby Tansey
Program Lead, Recruitment Marketing

Tansey is a highly driven individual, extremely passionate about creating a robust, effective strategy to help build talent pipelines. She works well in a fast-paced, team environment and leans on communication and relationship management experience to drive results and build a strong marketing strategy within Talent Acquisition.

“On a personal level, I’m exhilarated through all I have learned while embracing the challenge of creating and implementing Southwest’s first formalized recruitment marketing strategy. I was personally drawn to Southwest through social channels, and am passionate about reaching others through various marketing channels to help find the best Talent for this incredible Company.”
– LinkedIn

Danae Harper
Director, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Marketing

Extensive experience leading employment branding, recruitment marketing, and talent acquisition strategy formarket leaders of various sizes and in a multitude of industries. Keen ability to market the right opportunities to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

I can count on one hand recruiting professionals I wouldrecommend and Danae is definitely in that number. She is one of the most professional, hardworking, creative recruiting/hrresources I’ve ever met.
– Camille Tate, LinkedIn

Jane Lim
Manager, University Relations & Recruitment Marketing

Prior to her role at Bell, Lim served in the Textron Leadership Development Program. She earned a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

Susan Raycroft
Global Director, Recruitment Marketing

Executive marketing professional with extensive experience in digital marketing as well as traditional marketing channels.

Katie Newland
Associate Director, Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand

Providing expertise in employer brand strategy, recruitment marketing, and candidate experience.

“Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of her or working together to come up with a solution to a problem – she always has great suggestions and I know that I can count on her. ”
– Jennifer Smith, LinkedIn

Davien Anderson
Manager, Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand

Strategic public relations and communications professional with experience managing and executing campaigns in the non-profit and consumer sectors. Active self-starter with streamlined and efficient project management skills to coordinate marketing communications strategies and build relationships with the media, sponsors and partners. Tactical writing and editing skills with attention to accuracy, detail and presentation.

“He has many assets including his impressive writing abilities, strategic approach to each project, and overall creativity.”
– Howard Williams, LinkedIn

Samantha Byard
Associate Director, Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand

Prior to her role at Afni, Byard served as Reputation & Social Media Specialst for Comcast and Event Coordinator for the Better Business Bureau Serving Southern Arizona. She earned an MS in Digital Marketing and Advertising from Liberty University.

“Her abilities as a content developer and marketing strategist, were proven daily during our 2 years spent at Comcast. She is an emblem of digital expertise and drive; always willing to help and guide her teammates, and company, to success.”
– Kayla Gonzales-Landis, LinkedIn

Kristi Briggs
Manager, Recruitment Marketing

Prior to her role at Fresenius, Briggs was Manager, Recruitment Advertising and Branding for CVS Health. She earned an MBA in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University in 2007.

“Kristi is one of the strongest recruitment marketers I’ve worked with, so it’s great to be able to “think bigger” than just running job advertising to get applicants.”
– Emily Tanner, LinkedIn

Neha P.
Recruitment Marketing Executive

Prior to her role at IBM, Neha P. was VP of Strategy for Findly and Director of Client Strategy for TPM Worldwide.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Neha and was always impressed by her passion, integrity and honesty. She was always willing to learn and work hard to get any project completed efficiently and effectively.”
– Jill Horwitz, LinkedIn

Lacey Grim
Recruitment Marketer

“I’m a Recruitment Marketer for Paycom, responsible for supporting the individual recruiting teams with their goals and developing an overall recruitment marketing strategy. This support consists of anything from events to videos to paid media. My experience allows me to develop new content and utilize existing content on multiple platforms. Paycom provides new challenges everyday and I’m excited to see where my career will go!”


Mary Lynn Gautreaux
Recruitment Marketing Manager

Award-winning employer branding and recruitment marketing professional, adept at targeting audiences with succinct, well-developed messages. Proven experience in transforming the candidate experience and creating compelling messaging and marketing assets. Skilled at candidate engagement and expertise in social media, as well as online and print collateral creation.

“Her experience and expertise with recruitment marketing, branding, and content creation has been a huge asset to our company. She has been instrumental in providing our clients with cutting edge solutions to enhance their talent attraction programs.”
– Leigh Estrada, LinkedIn

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