Companies Using a Global Remote Workforce

After the last few years, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. While some companies are focusing on bringing employees back into the office for work, these organizations are focused on creating a great, global, remote workforce.

See why these 7 companies are prioritizing remote work and some of the benefits they’ve seen so far.

What inspired Encora to look for remote talent globally?

Encora has always serviced the world’s leading software companies with remote resources. Prior to the pandemic, our engineers worked from our offices around the globe and remotely joined client-service teams in multiple cities.

At that time, some prospective clients were reluctant to work with remote teams because they thought developers needed to be in the same room to work efficiently. One thing that the pandemic has done is prove that we do not need to be in the same room to accomplish great things together.

Because Encora was already employing remote global talent when the world went remote in 2020, we have spent the last two years expanding our model and accelerating our support of clients across the globe.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for Encora?

Encora has over 7,000 engineers in 40 offices across 14 countries. Even though much of the workforce in our industry has transitioned into a work-from-home model over the last 2 years, we have found that people value the option to work in an office, and they prefer offices that are nearby.

Encora has a network of smaller offices rather than just a few in large metropolitan centers. This network of smaller offices is a structural hiring advantage because it has brought us closer to talent to which we otherwise would not have access.

Having more offices around the globe also makes it easier and faster to find the right talent because we have direct access to more geographic talent pools. This structure works better for clients and our employees, and offers Encora the diversity of background and thought that are essential to innovation.

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What inspired Momentive to look for remote talent globally?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a core value at Momentive. Having flexibility about where you work has major advantages for all employees, but it can be especially helpful for certain communities—many of whom are traditionally marginalized in the workforce.

For example, the benefits of remote work can also be life-changing for people with physical disabilities, like chronic illnesses that make travel tiring or require frequent trips to the doctor’s office. It enables them to work from the comfort of home, where they have ready access to the resources they need.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for Momentive?

One of the biggest demographics in our employee base is parents and caretakers. Whether it’s a lactating new mother who needs privacy to pump or a man with an aging parent who wants to stay close to ensure they’re safe. People with autism, ADHD, PTSD, or anxiety can also often struggle with hectic environments. Loud, busy offices can sometimes make it impossible for them to do their jobs.

Having the chance to work remotely or have a few days of quiet can be game-changing. Our new ‘Choice’ model makes it easier for us to support these employees—without them having to ask for special accommodation.

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What inspired Sitel Group to look for remote talent globally?

Sitel Group is a global organization with 160,000 employees around the globe, across 40 countries. While we’ve always had remote work as part of our CX delivery model for our customers, the pandemic accelerated this need, resulting in more than 80% of our organization working remotely in 2020. Since then, we’ve adopted a Work from Anywhere approach, enabling us to tap into a truly global talent pool rather than being confined to an area within commuting distance of a single traditional contact center.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for Sitel Group?

When associates can work from anywhere, the traditional contact center is completely reimagined. Designed to deliver ultimate flexibility, proactivity and security, Work from Anywhere provides agility to ramp – in line with contact volumes, campaigns or seasonal spikes – through access to tenured associates with the right skill sets.

Work from Anywhere is built around a hybrid model which enables CX teams to work either from the home environment or to connect with teams from our global network of MAXhubs – venues for support, career building, co-working and immersion in your company culture and brand promise.

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What inspired WilsonHCG to look for remote talent globally?

All talent doesn’t exist in one place, especially today — and that means hiring great people shouldn’t be limited by borders. Since our founding 20 years ago, WilsonHCG has always been remote. We realized back then that we would be a better, more inclusive company if we didn’t restrict where talent was coming from. Now, we have employees spanning more than 65 countries and speaking 50 languages.

With our global workforce, WilsonHCG’s employees thrive because of the inclusive environment — and that culture of belonging enables our employees to best serve clients as a company. Also, for people close to an office, we offer a hybrid approach for those who don’t want to work remotely full-time and prefer a day or two in the office. We like to give employees options and flexibility to choose what working style best suits their needs.

Because of our constant communication and engagement with our people, it’s easy for us to remain actively motivated to build a global remote culture.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for WilsonHCG?

WilsonHCG believes having a global workforce and remote team from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, abilities, ethnicities and genders fosters a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). The benefits from a remote culture result in our employees better serving our client partnerships since they’re based where clients are. This also means around-the-clock services, as when one region logs off for the day, another is just beginning — so progress is always being made. Without commuting into an office, our delivery team has a better work-life balance and understands the requirements for talent to work remotely. As such, they can advise clients on a personal level about the success of virtual working and how it can help land top talent.

In 2021, we also launched an internal employee referral program that received an 84% offer acceptance rate of new employees from January to the end of August. This is a true testament to how engaged and happy our employees are. They wouldn’t recommend WilsonHCG to their colleagues, friends and family as a great place to work if they didn’t personally believe it was, after all!

Despite being virtual, our culture has encouraged employees to speak freely with a culture of openness and transparency, which has created space for deeper, more meaningful relationships. Many employees form lifelong friendships and gain enrichment and understanding of the world around them. It’s these interpersonal connections without borders that add strength and resiliency to our organization.

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What inspired Crossover to look for remote talent globally?

In 2014 Crossover identified to really be able to scale a business quickly and profitably, we had to work with the best of the best talent globally, not just locally. The only way to recruit rockstars was to look for remote talent globally.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for Crossover?

Crossover gets to work with the best of the best – the top 1% of global talent for all positions. We are also more productive, with async working meaning our projects move forward 24-7 not just stopping and starting on a local time zone.

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What inspired 6sense to look for remote talent globally?

Remote, global talent has been part of our culture since we started, and it has become more intentional and ingrained as we’ve grown. In 2018 we acquired a company that had contractors in India, and that inspired us to deepen our commitment to a global workforce. When we saw how well it worked to have team members around the world, we embraced the notion that we didn’t need to let geography limit who we hired.

The global hiring mindset has given us the capacity to attract, hire, and retain the best talent out there — regardless of location. Our ability to find the best of the best, wherever they may be, has been fundamental to the tremendous growth we’ve experienced in the past several years.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for 6sense?

Our globally sourced remote team provides benefits to our company, our team, and our customers.

For our company, we hire the best possible employees, and by looking globally we have the benefit of not having to fish from the same pool as all the other tech companies out there. Our ability to hire the best talent in the world creates a virtuous circle. Talented people want to work with talented people, so our established hiring success leads to future hiring success. It’s a big part of how we’ve continued to attract incredible people to work at 6sense.

For our team, the ability to work from home provides better work-life balance. It also means you can work for an industry-leading, innovative, and successful tech company without having to move to a tech hub. Since we’ve had a remote bent since the beginning, we know how to keep a close and positive team culture even as a global company.

For our customers, our global workforce means that we have employees around the world, so we can show up for them wherever and whenever they need us.

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What inspired Vista to look for remote talent globally?

In 2020, Vista adopted a Remote-First operating model and culture. We heard from our team members that having the freedom, autonomy and trust in each other to work from home and the ability to operate when they are most productive, empowers everyone to be their best and most brilliant self.

We have thousands of team members located across the globe with diverse perspectives and skills that support our journey of becoming the expert marketing and design partner to small businesses. Currently we are enabled to hire remote team members in over 30 US states as well as many countries in Europe including Spain, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

What are the benefits of a globally sourced remote team for Vista?

Remote working gives us access to a much wider talent pool and is a towering strength in our ability to recruit top talent across the globe. No longer defined by geography, we can focus the hiring process on targeting the specific skills, qualities and diverse perspectives we want to attract.

For team members, remote-first has phenomenal potential to improve quality of life. Having more freedom, autonomy and trust to decide where and when you work, and the ability to operate when you are most productive, enables a far better future of work than the one we currently experience. You can choose to work from home, from an office or just about anywhere else you have an internet connection.

Our remote-first strategy creates an environment and culture in which team members can thrive and be more involved, productive and engaged. This translates to delivering better value for our other main stakeholders – customers, long-term shareholders and society – and better results for our business.

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