The One Constant is Change: An Interview with Beth Kilian, SVP of Sales for LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Before Beth Kilian joined LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is part of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Group portfolio nearly 25 years ago and rose to become the company’s SVP of Sales, she applied her talents to the food industry. Working for a distributor called Rykoff Sexton (now known as US Foods), her career was a far cry … Read full-story

Leading with the “Yes” Mindset: An Interview with Bill Min, Executive VP and General Counsel for LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

William “Bill” Min has always been the type of person who’s prepared to pivot to follow his North Star. When he was recruited to join LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Group as executive vice president and general counsel for its expansive brand portfolio, he was not devoid of career opportunities. He took the job because he felt … Read full-story

Companies that Empower Employees to Give Back

What are some of the ways that your company empowers your employees to give back? Each quarter, through our Team Member Directed Giving program, we contribute to community-based nonprofit organizations that align with our missions and values. Team Members have the opportunity to invite local nonprofit organizations that they’re passionate about to apply to receive … Read full-story

Companies with Unique Mental Health Benefit Programs

There’s no question that uncertain, sometimes scary times like these – with so many seemingly existential issues arriving on our national doorstep en masse – can be especially taxing on the human psyche. Employers have become increasingly aware how precious mental health resources can be to their stressed-out employees, and how helping provide some security … Read full-story

Companies with Great Mentorship Programs

As the Great Resignation continues to set minds on leaving jobs for presumably greener – and probably remote – pastures, it’s worth remember how valuable mentorship is for the employees at the companies that benefit from it. It’s all about the passion on of wisdom, both practical and earned. Here are fives examples of companies … Read full-story

Companies Supporting Corporate and Social Responsibility Programs

With jobseekers and consumers more focused on ethical behavior than ever, the time has never been better for companies to give back to the society that supports them. Here’s how these four companies are currently doing just that: What corporate social responsibility programs does your company support? Farmers Insurance® is committed to giving back and … Read full-story