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Istation is a leader in computer-adaptive intervention and instruction for reading, math, and Spanish literacy. More... read more
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Working At Istation

We are creative. We are casual. We create characters. We are characters! And we are all committed to kids. Our innovative, talented, driven team creates a unique environment where original thinking and hard work are rewarded. We are individuals with distinct personalities and a unique combination of skills, abilities, and idiosyncrasies. Even idiosyncrasies are respected, appreciated, and celebrated at Istation.   Our jobs are diverse, but we have one goal: deliver a quality software product that will educate and entertain. We work hard every day to make learning fun. If that sounds like fun to you, come join our cast of characters.

How employees describe working at Istation

The best part is the generous PTO

My team is great. We tend to protect losers in the broader company, and we give lip service to many things that could make use better. We embrace things that are trendy but ignore facts sometimes

They are very focused on improvement

Treat people with respect and have some integrity.

The best part of our compensation package is healthcare benefits.

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Q&A With Istation Employees

Asked to all employees at Istation

  • Realistically, people show up and leave whenever.

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Asked to the Engineering Department at Istation

  • moderately

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Asked to all employees at Istation

  • we don't have one, to my knowledge.

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Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • 0% of the same employees also feel like Istation is invested in their career growth. On average, majority of employees do not have a mentor to help them navigate their career at Istation.

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Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • Istation employees rate their manager a F or 46/100 and the majority do not believe their manager truly cares about them as a person. Most of the employees (67%) also doesn't feel comfortable providing negative feedback directly to their boss.

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Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • Istation employees rates their pay and overall compensation a F or 47/100. 20% of employees believe they are paid fairly and 67% of employees get raises every year.

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22% of Istation employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 34% are neutral and 44% would not recommend working at Istation to their friends.

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