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Taylor Farms, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is committed to attracting and retaining the best possible talent to help manage and grow our business. We are looking for energetic people who share our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence, and who are as passionate about healthy fresh foods as we are.

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customer service need major improvement and their web site needs to be updated

Posted 5 days ago

Years from now, law firms will run TV ads asking for anyone who worked at taylor farms who now have cancer from breathing in the toxic "smart wash" that burns eyes and throat. No wonder the employment base is a revolving door and nobody wants to work there.

Posted a month ago

Hard work, average pay currently

Does not won't to address issues when u have a employee cought on video tampering with a employee vehicle and cutting brake lines the company terminated both employees. The person who reported the issue and the employee cought on video messing with employee vehicles.

Paid time off and sick days

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51% of Taylor Farms employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 18% are neutral and 31% would not recommend working at Taylor Farms to their friends.

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