37 Inspiring Employer Brand Leaders in the West

Employer brand is an area where every modern company needs to shine. This means that those companies need someone keeping the employer brand humming, someone who knows how to broker the happiest and most mutually beneficial outcomes between the companies they work for and the employees they depend on.

In that spirit, here are 37 stellar Employer Brand leaders from across the U.S. West. They keep the employer brand flame burning night and day with their inspiring work. They write books and blogs and host or guest on podcasts to spread the word about their company, and the higher set of employee happiness standards now hitting the mainstream of U.S. workplaces.

Amir Moini
Employer Branding Lead

“Boston born, LA living. After graduating from The University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, I spent nearly 5 years working in the nonprofit sector starting as a Teach For America corps member, followed by managing studios, networks, and tech partners at The Los Angeles LGBT Center. I joined Netflix on their talent acquisition team, focusing on building out our PR and Marketing teams.”

Amir just published his first book called 22 Life Lessons which focuses on how to be the best version of you: discussing themes of mental health, grief, trauma, relationships, anxiety, family, and career in a covid-19 world.

“From day one, his eagerness to learn the ins and outs of the LinkedIn talent media solutions stood out, and he excelled in them in no time. I really enjoyed teaming up Amir as he would often question the status quo, and come up with creative ways in leveraging the platform in ways no other customers had before – to great success.”
– Zara Mesgarzadeh, LinkedIn

Tara Rio
Head of Internal Communications & Employer Brand

Seasoned communications professional offering two decades of diverse U.S. and global in-house and agency experience in corporate communications, internal communications, executive communications, HR strategic communications, public relations and product communications.

“Having worked at large agencies and small ones, I’ve worked with and supervised many. Tara was a superstar from the beginning. Smart. Industrious. A fast learner and one who always took things to the next level. She’s a delightful person and a great asset.”
– Jesse Slome, LinkedIn

John Graham Jr.
Sr. Manager Global Employer Brand

“It is my distinct pleasure to lead the charge in telling the robust stories of my Amgen colleagues with the intent of attracting diverse talent to help us in our mission of serving patients. Recruitment marketing as a discipline is ever-evolving and the way that candidates expect to be engaged is no different.”

“Professionally, my passion is helping global companies discover the essence of who they are at their core. Through award winning employer brand and employee value proposition development, I’ve found fulfillment in discovering innovative ways to bring the humanity of employee stories to life. This work has helped to redefine internal cultures and connect critical external talent to their dream jobs.”
– John Graham Jr, LinkedIn


Dina Medeiros
Director, Talent Attraction

Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of building & growing teams. Experience in Brand, TalentAcquisition, Talent Attraction, Recruitment Marketing, Communication, Negotiation, Marketing, Sales, andLeadership.

“‘Dina is extremely insightful and knowledgeable about our industry and best practices. She is always willing you provide real life examples, which are much more valuable (IMO) than ideas based on gut/theory.”
– Celinda Appleby, LinkedIn

Mike Bush
Sr. Mgr Communications & Brand

An experienced marketing, PR & communications leader that takes B2B tech companies from (series) A to E(xit).

“I can not express how impressed we were with Mike’s knowledge of the digital space, his ability to come up with unique story angles, and his genuine nature. Always with a smile on his face, every interaction with Mike was a pleasure and yielded a positive outcome for our business.”
– Mike Howard, LinkedIn


Rylan Miller
Employer Brand Program Manager

“I help showcase Snap Inc.’s people, mission, values, products, culture, and more to talent. We are a company that empowers everyone in our community to express their true selves, every day, with the people they care about most.”

“I’m very thankful to work at a company that builds products that ACTUALLY spread positivity and bring people together. I’m also thankful to Snap Inc. for truly supporting the team and giving us some peace of mind during these uncertain times.”

Alyssa Douglas
Talent Brand Social Media

Douglas researches the latest social trends, especially as it applies to employer branding, diversity, and marketing; she also partners with the Talent Management team to generate content ideas surrounding their latest initiatives, She received a B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business in 2019.


Carrie Montag
Employment Branding and Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Managing a team of 2, I am responsible for the creation and execution of Gallo’s Employment Brand, Recruitment Marketing, and D&I strategy.

“Carrie was able to understand my background andexperience and lead me in the right direction. Her support andenthusiasm were very motivating.
– Terrie Purto, LinkedIn

Chris Malin
Head of Employment Marketing

“I’m a brand-focused marketer who works like a general manager, focusing on business outcomes and connecting with users, customers and stakeholders.”

“• I believe in the power of story and the importance of empowering and inspiring others to carry a story for us.
• I believe in testing hypotheses and measuring what matters so that we continually improve.
• I believe in committing to business outcomes, since our success in the market should always lead to success in our business.”
– Chris Malin, LinkedIn

Melissa Sheehan
Senior Program Manager Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand

“As a part of the Nutanix team, I lead our employer brand initiatives, with an eye towards driving brand awareness, increasing candidate engagement and advancing our diversity and inclusion goals.”

“Melissa was pivotal in helping our team understand our customers’ concerns and struggles so that we could market to them better and improve the product.”

-Joan Bowlen, LinkedIn

Ashley Erickson
Employer Brand Manager

Before her time at KeepTruckin’, Erickson was Marketing Manager at Caliva and, before that, a freelance Social Media Marketing Specialist. Erickson earned a Bachlor of Arts in International/Global Stuides from Loyola University Chicago in 2013.

“At KeepTruckin, we are on a mission to modernize the transportation industry. We see our hard work rewarded in tangible ways every day and believe that intelligence is most powerful when paired with humility. We appreciate that serving our customers and working alongside diverse team members pushes us to step outside our bubble and our comfort zones.”
– LinkedIn

Carrie Young
Sr Manager, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing

Prior to her role at Zuora, Young worked as Director, Client Strategy for TMP Worldwide. She earned a BS in Design & Merchandising from Drexel University in 2006.

“I may not be an engineer, but I am obsessed with how things work and solving problems. Throughout my 10+ years in the Marketing & Advertising industry, I’ve leveraged this curiosity to develop solutions to my client’s biggest challenges. I pride myself on not only understanding the big picture but also the details critical to bringing the solution to fruition.”

Carrie Young, LinkedIn

Jennie Shephard
Vice President of Talent

Prior to her role at Sunrun, Shephard served as Worldwide Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility for Gilead Sciences and as Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Novartis.

“In addition to her clear strengths communicating and motivating her team, she is an absolute pleasure to work with and has an infectious laugh that makes you want to work with her. As a talent acquisition professional, there are likely few people who can match her knowledge, experience and skills.”

Marc Bolick, LinkedIn

Stephen Stewart
Talent Brand Director

“Excited to head up the talent brand and talent marketing for RingCentral. It’s important in today’s competitive talent marketplace to deploy brand strategies and campaigns that create connections from the top-of-the-marketing funnel to on-boarding engaged, enthusiastic, talented people.”

“Stephen collaborated with our internal creative team, bringing his creativity and strategic discipline to the table to keep us focused on the prize — a campaign that was uniquely ours and provided a strong EVP for candidates.”
– Paul Rogers, LinkedIn

Diane Garver
Director, Internal Communications & Brand Strategy

Marketing and sales executive with over 30 years of experience leading high technology start-ups and Fortune 1500 companies.

Guido Ditto
Internal Communications & Employer Branding

“As an experienced marketing director and creative strategist, I work closely with senior executives to articulatetheir unique vision and create compelling narratives that drive award-winning marketing campaigns.”

“impeccable attention to detail, agile time management skills, solid work ethic, and natural artistic talent. Combined with a genuine sense of curiosity, a willingness to learn and a sharp mind, and you have a team member who is proactive with a desire to understand both sides of the business…a rare find.”
– Kristine Ku, LinkedIn


Nate Guggia
Brand Marketing

“We are redefining how growth-stage startups create content that builds amazing cultures and attracts the most competitive talent. The days of hammering outbound messages to passive candidates are gone. In an era where trust, credibility, and employer brand matter more than ever, content is everything.”

“Nate is undoubtedly one of the most active and passionate people I have met in the talent industry. He is knowledgeable,skilled and kind.”

Lorenz Esposito, LinkedIn


Drew Gallaugher
Manager, Talent Brand

“Operationally minded with a focus on process improvement, I form strong cross-functional partnerships to solve problems and enthusiastically manage projects to completion. I’m passionate about culture, talent attraction, storytelling and content.”

“I learned a lot sitting near him and listening to him on the phones, as he always had a clear, concise, and transparent communication style with candidates and clients. Having Drew on your team will not only make it more successful, but also more enjoyable to be a part of.”

Reed Putnam, LinkedIn


Meg Crampton
Sr. Manager, Global Employer Brand

“I am an Employer Brand Manager and advocate of Twitch’s employee experience. I manage our Employer Brand Strategy through reputation, attraction and retention tactics.”

Phil Haynes
Head of Global Talent

“Hiring is a costly thing to do badly. I am a transformational Talent Acquisition leader who builds, inspires, and engages high performing teams in fast-paced, high-pressure, and ambiguous growth environments.”

“Phil is an excellent leader and mentor. He has been the best manager I have had so far. Thanks to his passion for recruiting, his energy and his enthusiasm he motivates you like no other. He always has your back, supports you when needed but at the same time challenges you to make you grow.”
– Hanna Wulfing, LinkedIn

Deonne Ramsey
Vice President of Human Resources

“Strengths include all stages of TA from recruitment marketing, team building, sourcing, technology implementations and integrations, hiring manager relationship building and training, overall candidate experience all the way to offer management and onboarding. Have a data driven approach with an understanding of the global labor market and an ongoing avidity in finding the most qualified candidates to exceed all TA stakeholder expectations.”

ThuyLy Nguyen
Employer Brand Program Manager

“I’m currently the Employer Branding Program Manager at NetApp working to attract, hire and retain the best talent globally. I work closely with Talent Acquisition leaders and Recruiters to develop sourcing strategies to meet current and future hiring needs to build a diverse workforce. As part of these initiatives, I create content for candidate-facing communications and specific hiring campaigns.”

“She is super strategic and a great partner to work with who always has out-of-the-box ideas to share and a deep understanding and knowledge of employment marketing, communications, and branding.”
– Amiksha Patel, LinkedIn

Lauren Hodgson
Head of Employee Experience + Employer Brand

“I am all about elevating humanity through beautifully built companies, incredible leaders, and amazing workplaces. As Head of People Experience at Pluralsight I lead the function that allows our company to connect more deeply to each other and to our mission – specifically the functions of employer branding, employee experience, diversity & inclusion, and our team member events and experiences.”

Shaunda Zilich
Global Talent Brand Manager

“I have a passion in everything I do to positively impact people’s lives! I enjoy my career but I enjoy life more! I enjoy my family, faith, and friends but I also enjoy helping others turn everyday life into experiences they can ‘write home about’!

“Shaunda is an outstanding leader with ideas and methods that improve the ways in which companies are organized and their efficiency in operation. She was nominated for the 2019 Top HR Influencer Award and I had the honor of evaluating her work. ”
– Tim Hepner, LinkedIn

Austin Tanner
Employer Brand Specialist

“I work to amplify Workfront’s award-winning culture across all social and digital platforms. I strive to create and maintain a workplace where all employees are comfortable bringing their whole selves to work so that they can do their very best work; I do this by telling authentic stories of our employees and their experiences while at Workfront.”

“Our job in Talent Acquisition is to help change the lives of those that we come into contact with for the better. During this incredibly challenging time, I would like to offer a helping hand to get you your next position. ”
“Here To Help”

Matt Vance
Employee Experience Manager

“I leverage employee and customer feedback for smarter business decisions.”.

Matt is a uniquely talented individual who benefits fromextraordinary skills, both left- and right-brain dominant. Rarelywill you find someone like him who is both efficient and creative.
– Maren Stromberg, LinkedIn


Marquise McCoy
Program Manager, Employer Brand

Prior to his role at Netflix, Marquise McCoy served for two and a half years as LinkedIn’s Corporate Communications Manager. McCoy’s recent projects at Netflix include: further embedding Employer Branding throughout all teams globally; crafting a corporate awards and recognition strategy; and working with Netflix’s ERGs for increased awareness, internally and externally.

“Overheard someone say ‘I smile so hard on the outside that sometimes it seeps in and I feel the positive energy.’ That’s so real that I’m adopting it to my life, with the goal of sharing more positive energy with the world.”
– Marquise McCoy

Victoria Redman
Head of Employer Brand & Marketing

With experience from Google, Deloitte, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, General Electric, and now at Uber, Rodman focuses on employer branding and talent marketing. She says she gets most excited about new-ness: constantly exploring new ways to communicate with  target audiences. She’s also focused on putting her marketing and communications skills to good use in supporting environmental and social campaigns.

“I spent many a dinner table conversation of my teenage years offering my father an opinion or three on his advertising campaigns for various products. So it’s no surprise to me that I now work in marketing. I get most excited about new-ness: constantly exploring new ways we can communicate with our target audiences.”
– Victoria Redman

Lena Lotsey
Global Employer Brand Director

In her role as Global Employer Brand Director for Experian, Lotsey is responsible  for shaping global employer brand in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America, North America, and UK markets. Prior to her role at Experian, Lotsey served as Director of Digital/Social Media for Ignition, where she led the team that won a 2018 CLIO Award. At the University of San Diego, she studied Liberal Arts & Sciences and Humanities.

– Lotsey’s CLIO award winner

Sarah Staley
Head of Employer Brand & Culture

Sarah Staley says she has a passion for people and is a champion of helping individuals reach their potential. Prior to her time are realtor.com, Staley served as Director, Global Employee Communications for VMware, and as Director, Public Relations for Stanford University Medical Center. She received a BA in Political Science from William Jewell College in 1993.

“Employer Brand is by far the greatest recruiting tool an employer can bring to bear, especially so in an extremely competitive market. Building and maintaining a strong employee brand is no less complicated than three dimensional chess, and realtor.com is very fortunate that our Grandmaster is Sarah Staley.”
– Karl Kizer, LinkedIn

Liz Birenbaum
VP, Employer Brand

In her current role, Birenbaum is charged with enhancing employer brand strategy to drive consideration of Mastercard as a top employer. Prior to this role, Birenbaum served as VP, Global Digital Marketing for the company. Before MasterCard, Birenbaum held the title of Director, Digital Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. She received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Liz’s experience in the digital marketing landscape would be an asset to any organization. She has the ability to manage a team effectively, as well as mentor a team to grow professionally. Liz continually raised the bar higher to encourage creative thinking, and all of her efforts resulted in successful and effective marketing campaigns that benefitted the entire organization. Liz is a trusted colleague, and I’d welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”
– Melissa Newell, LinkedIn

Megan Carlisle
Employer Brand Program Manager

“I don’t have to be a different person in the office than I am at home. Bringing my whole self to work means that every facet of who I am – pitbull mom, foodie, powerlifter, bullet journal fanatic, and minimalist in training – isn’t just accepted, it’s celebrated.”

“Just found my cure for feeling straight up trapped in my apartment. Yoga followed by a gin martini while making dinner. So soothing.”
– Megan Carlisle

Marta Riggins
Director, Employer Brand & Employee Engagement

Riggins has 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Human Resources and Strategic Partnerships in the Entertainment and Tech industries. Frequent featured speaker at industry conferences including Culture First (2019), Linkedin Talent Connect (2016 – 2019), Culture Summit (2017), me Convention (2017), SXSW (2016).

“The indispensible first step in employer brand work is figuring out what your company’s cultural competitive advantage is. Determine what makes you special. Why is doing finance or legal or engineering or any function at your company different than anywhere else in the marketplace?”
– Riggins interviewed for “Instacart’s 7 Tactics for Cooking Up a Great Employer Brand.

Stephanie Alofoje
Senior Manager, Talent & Employer Brand

Alofoje leads and manages the newly formed Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing team at Twilio. Through content, events and partnerships, her team enables Talent Acquisition to attract, engage and hire top and diverse talent to Twilio

“Job seekers must adapt to this unprecedented reality of interviewing virtually, accepting a job without meeting new colleagues in person, and interviewing without stepping foot into an office.”
How to Ace Virtual Interviews

Terina Kim
Employer Brand Program Manager, Global Events

Before serving as Employer Brand Program Manager, Global Events at Twitch, she held the roles of Interim Recruitment Coordinator Manager and Recruitment Coordinator. Prior to working for Twitch, she served as Esports Administrator and Events Specialist at Counter Logic Gaming.

“Without a doubt, Terina has taught me so much as peer and a manager. From meet-ups that range from 20 people to speaker panel events of 350 attendees, she is meticulous in ensuring that everything goes without a hitch. In addition, she cares deeply for those around her. ”
– Mary Thao, LinkedIn

Ashley Waxman
Head of Global Employer Brand & Organic Social

“Thrilled to be building the employer brand and recruitment marketing functions at Asana, a leading work management platform, where I lead a team that is creating and connecting our company story arc with a focus on driving results for our global recruiting team.”

“Ashley is an absolute force. Her work helped create the kind of culture-driven workplace where you actually want to show up on a Monday morning.”
– Stephen Broudy, LinkedIn

Michou Bachelor
Employer Brand/Recruitment Marketing Program Manager

“As a Program Manager at LinkedIn, I lead the strategic marketing efforts to attract top and diverse talent to LinkedIn. I also manage projects in Talent Acquisition that drive operational excellence, process improvement, insights, and Product feedback. I enjoy organizing chaos into Excel spreadsheets so much that it made it into my wedding vows!”

“Every year, I lead Military Spouse Appreciation Day activities at LinkedIn to recognize and thank military spouses for their sacrifice in service to our country. I also try to share my story and any insights, tips, learnings, or reflections I have as a military wife on this day.”
“Thank You Military Spouses and Families”