How Video Enhances Brand Storytelling

You have to do more than offer a great work environment or company culture to attract the best talent to your business. When you want to attract high-quality candidates to your brand, you’ll need to approach recruiting in a way that’s similar to your marketing. A great way to do this is through storytelling. And if you want to make the biggest impact while doing that, consider using video.

Video is the most important content medium for many reasons. It grabs attention. It’s engaging and multisensory. It is also very shareable.

So what kinds of videos should you use to create buzz around your brand as an employer? Here are some awesome video storytelling ideas that are perfect for employer branding.

Employee Testimonial Videos

When it comes to credibility, you can’t do better than a happy employee that is willing to share a testimonial with your ideal job candidates. Employees can share their positive experiences with your company, how they’ve been able to experience professional development, and why their job is meaningful to them.

The key here is to seek out natural delivery and authenticity. Employee testimonials shouldn’t seem like they are scripted or have the subject just cheerfully listing employee perks and benefits.

Instead, encourage employees to share meaningful experiences that communicate your brand as an employer.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

A behind-the-scenes video gives prospects a bit of a peek behind the curtain. This creates interest by using a marketing concept known as exclusivity. People are attracted to the idea of being let in on a secret or getting access to something that others can’t.

Here are some great ideas for behind-the-scenes videos.

First Day on the Job

What would my first day on the job look like? That’s a common question, and you can answer it with a video that documents this important experience. One way to do this is by shooting from the perspective of the employee.

You can document:

  • Arriving at work on the first day
  • Being introduced to coworkers
  • Receiving the uniform, employee ID, etc.
  • Attending employee onboarding sessions

This is a great format to showcase that you have a welcoming environment and that plenty of support is offered to new hires.

Company Culture

What do brands like HubSpot, Adobe, and CVS Health have in common? They’ve won Best Company Culture Awards. That’s good for them because great company culture attracts talent that is innovative and productive.

If you can show that you offer a great work environment, you can gain those benefits, too. That’s where company culture videos come into play.

By using the behind-the-scenes format to showcase company culture, you give candidates a firsthand look at your work environment. Learn what your ideal prospect is looking for in their workplace culture, then use videos to show the ways that you can deliver a matching experience.

Day in the Life

What keeps people from moving from one job to another? In many cases, it’s fear of the unknown.

With a day-in-the-life video, you can give a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day for one of your employees. You can also use this format to create and curate videos that highlight different positions and elements of your business.

Employee Interviews

These are similar to employee testimonials, but the conversational format of an interview can sometimes be a bit more effective.

When you are asking questions, you can help to steer the discussion towards specific topics that you want to highlight as a part of your branding. In addition to this, interview questions can be used to draw out details and lead to some truly authentic moments.

The Company in the Community

Your corporate social responsibility statement is a key part of your branding as an employer.

People want to work with brands that care about their communities, the environment, diversity, and other important causes. The problem is that your social responsibility statement simply tells people what your organization is all about.

With a video, you can show that you are a company that cares about the wellbeing of the community and the world at large. Share videos that showcase events like employee volunteer days, participation in community events, and even your efforts to become more sustainable.

Employee-Generated Content

With employee-generated content, you turn control of the camera over to members of your staff. This is a take on user-generated content, something that brands have been using to sell products for many years with great success.

To do this, you simply set a few guidelines and give a bit of coaching, then you step back and give your employees the space to create engaging, fun, and authentic videos.

What are the benefits of using employee-generated content? First, you get great content from a variety of sources. There’s also the extra credibility that employee content brings to the table.

This is a great way to reach a wider audience. You can share employee content on your social media pages and encourage workers to post on their social platforms, as well.

Get Your Videos Out There

Your video content is such an integral part of your brand as an employer that you should really lead your marketing efforts with it. Don’t just bury these videos on your YouTube channel. Feature them prominently on your website. Share them on social media. Link to them in job listings.

Encourage your staff members to share your videos and tag their job-seeking friends and family members. Remember that video gets results in every part of the recruiting process!

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