The Right Ways to Attract Top Talent

For talent acquisition professionals, recruiters, and businesses worldwide, attracting the top talent is mission-critical and highly prioritized. As such, senior leadership often cites finding top talent as one of the most significant initiatives and challenges within their organization. Captivating the cream of the crop in your desired industry is often easier said than done. With such a competitive business landscape and tight labor market, finding and successfully recruiting these individuals requires adaptation and innovation. In the following article, we will go into depth on the right ways to attract top talent so that your team can gain a competitive market advantage.

When you think of the most successful companies, like Apple as an example, there is no doubt that all departments within have some of the brightest minds employed. The most talented individuals help boost productivity, improve processes and team morale, and ultimately drive growth and profitability. Some studies even suggest that the most talented individuals are up to 800 percent more productive than the average worker. This level of productivity is advantageous and is desirable for any organization that is looking to gain market share. Additionally, top talent is a catalyst for attracting additional talented professionals. With today’s volatile work environment and high turnover rates, attracting and retaining these talented individuals is extremely important.

As such, here are some of our tailored tips for attracting talent, regardless of the industry you are in.

Revamp and improve your candidate pool

Having an extensive network, or pool, of candidates is pivotal for finding the best talent. Spend time analyzing your existing strategy and channels for generating new applicants. Which is working well? Which needs improvement? Are there any channels that you are not utilizing but feel you should? For example, you may realize that you have not taken full advantage of your relationships with local colleges and universities, search firms, or recruiters in your field. You can also encourage your staff to take part in activities outside of the office that can help attract new talent. Revamping your candidate pool can pay dividends and bring about some talented individuals that may not have been touched by your past efforts.

Ask your employees for referrals

As mentioned, top talent helps attract other talented individuals. Build or improve upon your relationships with the top ten or twenty percent of internal talent. Clearly communicate your initiatives, who and what you are looking for, and how they can play a role. Spend time setting expectations and also providing some quick training and ideas on how they can assist. Oftentimes, employees who refer friends, family, and others know how well that candidate will fit into the existing team and company culture. Furthermore, referrals save organizations a great deal of time and money, from recruiting to onboarding, and training processes.

Focus on the onboarding and company culture

Want to attract the best of the best? Having the best company culture in your industry is a great place to start. When exploring career opportunities, company culture is often considered an important factor for candidates. Companies and organizations that excel in creating and maintaining an amazing culture will attract customers and new talent and also retain them for longer periods of time. Part of that culture and overall work environment is the onboarding process. Be sure the proper infrastructure is in place so when new hires begin their career, they have all of the tools necessary to succeed. Making the onboarding memorable, fun, interactive, and informative can also help with employee referrals. Lastly, building relationships with new hires and checking in with them regularly is a great way to improve retention and your candidate pool.

Empower internal brand ambassadors

One proven and effective method for attracting top talent is by empowering your own brand ambassadors to assist with recruiting. A brand ambassador is an employee who helps promote a particular company’s vision, culture, products, or services. For one, encourage your employees to share their work experience across work-related platforms online. Utilizing social media and job review platforms, such as Comparably, make this process easier for all. Using platforms like Comparably’s Employer Branding Tools also facilitates the process of sharing branded content and showing off your company culture. In turn, this will help attract and ultimately hire more talented professionals.

Provide the best pay, benefits, and career advancement opportunities

Top talent is attracted to the top pay, benefits, and opportunities in their respective fields. As they say, money talks and compensation packages are a tried and true method for attracting the top talent, whether they are currently employed or are in the market for a new position. Put yourself in the talent’s shoes and think about their motivation. If they are offered positions from two similar companies, but one is paying 20% more and offering unique stock options or other perks, that company most often than not will have the advantage. Additionally, benefits still rate high on the list for what top talent desires. Standing out with a memorable and unique benefits package can sway decisions.

Although we just scratched the surface, these tips for attracting top talent should be a good refresher. Expand upon the ideas within, refine your own processes, and be sure to add other methods that you have used or learned to improve your talent acquisition moving forward. There has never been a better, or more important time, to do so. As recent studies suggest, many talented individuals are considering career changes, leaving the door open for recruiters to attract them and provide them with an opportunity!

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