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Axway Director of Security Salaries in Baltimore, MD

The average Axway Director of Security in Baltimore, MD earns $126,000 annually, which includes a base salary of $111,000 with a $15,000 bonus. This total compensation is $32,079 less than the US average for a Director of Security.

In Baltimore, MD, The IT Department at Axway earns $12,951 more on average than the Legal Department.

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Average Compensation
avg. base
avg. bonus

Director of Security Salaries at Axway

In Baltimore, MD, Directors of Security earn $7,110 more than IT Managers.

Director of Security
IT Manager
Project Manager
Desktop Support
IT Support Engineer
* estimated salary

Compensation at Axway by Department

In Baltimore, MD, The IT Department averages $12,951 more than the Legal Department, and $3,040 less than the Marketing Department

$98,494 Avg. total comp.
$95,454 Avg. total comp.
$82,503 Avg. total comp.

Director of Security Compensation by Ethnicity (All Companies)

The average Hispanic or Latino Director of Security at companies similar size to Axway reported making $181,500, while the average Native American Director of Security at similar sized companies reported making $111,000.

How Directors of Security at Axway Rate Their Compensation

The majority of Directors of Security at Axway believe they're compensated fairly. 75% of Directors of Security at Axway say they receive annual bonuses, and the vast majority (71%) are satisfied with their benefits. See more compensation ratings at Axway

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