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Calendly, a powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool, takes the work out of connecting with others so you can... read more
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Calendly Mission, Vision & Values

Calendly Mission Statement

We’re here to help connect millions of people around the world. Our product takes the work out of scheduling so that our customers can get more done without needing multiple apps and software to keep their day on track. We’re a hard-working team, always ready to pitch in and help one another, and always ready to celebrate our successes. Join us, and be part of a diverse, close-knit, high-achieving team.

Calendly Vision Statement

Calendly’s people propel the company’s growth and success by doing their absolute best work every day. The company recognizes those efforts and is dedicated to providing meaningful rewards that empower and support Calendly’s teams as they innovate for customers. Calendly extends an open invitation to others who are eager to grow with them on their mission to help connect millions of people around the world.

Calendly Values

  • Start With Human
  • Find A Way
  • Focus Wisely
  • Strive For Excellence

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    Calendly Employee Alignment

    Comparably data clearly shows that a focused mission statement and cohesive core company values are vital to maintaining employee alignment.

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