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Exelon Corporation Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Approachable, Friendly, and Listen to others

Strong leadership team for the company

Communication that is shared is consistent

Good environment for employee growth.

Senior leadership listens to the people who work under them

Ongoing focus on innovation and continuous improvement. A more strategic approach has been a focus the past few years which is motivating for high performing employees

They care about the company's best interests and well as the employees.

They know how to handle every situation that comes their way

Review from Operations Dept

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Listening to the employees about merit ibcreases

Useless bonus seeking people who have never done the job or ive never even seen them once un my life

Review from Operations Dept

You cant run off all the senior workers in the name of inclusion. Actually use the development process instead of paying it lip service and using it as a tool to promote incompetent people.

having empathy for people that work there

Accountability for vp level .

Learn what I do and how I do it so they can manage the work better.

To stop micromanaging the staff


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Rated Exelon Corporation Leadership the Highest

  • Department - Engineering
  • Experience - 3 to 6 Years
  • Department - Operations

Rated Exelon Corporation Leadership the Lowest

  • Department - IT
  • Experience - Over 10 Years
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