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Q&A With ForeScout Technologies Employees

At Forescout, we believe in protecting our customers against cybercrime, and having fun while doing it. We have an incredible product, amazing talent and passionate executives from the industry’s best companies. If you are smart, are in it with the team and our customers, deliver results and have a good time doing so, you would be a great match for our passionate culture.

How employees describe working at ForeScout Technologies

Health coverage is excellent value

The benefits are good but the salary compensation and stock options were very low.

Pretty much everything. The culture here is garbage and it is carnivorous, at best. Remember folks, Culture eats Strategy for breakfast. It is pretty toxic right now with 17 year old software and no clear direction. Say hello to 50% attrition by Spring '18

Leadership Business Strategy Accountability - primarily within sales Integrity

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Q&A With ForeScout Technologies Employees

Asked to the Sales Department at ForeScout Technologies

  • Solid top and mid level management

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Asked to the Sales Department at ForeScout Technologies

  • Excellent. Above average

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Aggregated Employee Answer on Comparably

  • ForeScout Technologies employees rates their pay and overall compensation a C or 67/100. 64% of employees believe they are paid fairly and 50% of employees get raises every year.

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9% of ForeScout Technologies employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 55% are neutral and 36% would not recommend working at ForeScout Technologies to their friends.

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