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Working At Galvanize

Galvanize employees answer questions about what life is like behind the scenes at their company, including queries about culture, leadership, professional development, and compensation.

How employees describe working at Galvanize

Quality service and customer experience

Their commitment to transparency and their belief in the values of the organization, particularly inclusion.

Raises are rarely spoken of, and even if they are, they're always coming next quarter.

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Q&A With Galvanize Employees

Asked to all employees at Galvanize

  • Top Employee Response

    Passionate, but disorganized and slow to adapt.

  • Lately, with all the layoffs, it's been really down. Everyone seems defeated and like they're looking for employment elsewhere. There's serious brain-drain, and most people have a very negative attitude.

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Asked to all employees at Galvanize

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    Medical/Dental/Eye insurance supplement. Life insurance. Optional 401(k) without matching. Flex Time off. No longer provides gym membership. Continuing Education up to $1000 if it conforms to a path agreed upon by you and your manager. Maternity & Paternity Leave. Paid holidays.

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10% of Galvanize employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 90% would not recommend working at Galvanize to their friends.

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