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Samsung Interviews Employee Reviews

What did you like most about the interview process?

Its a secret pls come and see that

Fast and all the updates were shared timely

Review from Engineering Dept

Quick and easy, moved fast.

The use cases I needed to solve

I need to give a technical presentation for my past work.

Review from Design Dept

They ask you questions you do not expect

Review from Engineering Dept

You get to be interviewed or assessed, Verbally, Practically and in writing. If you are good at what you do then you are taken.

You must have an encouraging background and make people want to trust you to be able to work there.

Review from Design Dept

Being a small group. I was actually interviewed by the VP of our group

It was very quick to make a decision

Review from Design Dept

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

The interview process to get in was very difficult for the most boring and annoyingly repetitive jobs. It should just be easier. I honestly thought work would be so much more fun and challenging when I first did I the interview as the interview process was difficult. But working here is nothing.

to get a new way to interview

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