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Samsung Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Good nice constructive motivating good job

Posted 17 days ago

Wonderful i ever seen bcoz of coordination

too political, some have a bad personality that they regard they are a king in a small castle.

All are engineers... N hence they understand the challenges

Review from Engineering Dept

Best leadership team in Samsung

they keep high , clear and strong vision for the growth

They are "people first". They make sure that the way they operate is humane and that people are rewarded for their hardwork.

great leadership, but conservative and HQ focused

The leadership team is open

very energetic and honest about their work.

Review from Design Dept

Samsung's leadership team is amazing

They give flexible working time

Review from Engineering Dept

The leaders are inspiring and give speeches that will keep you up

Review from Engineering Dept

The leadership team at my Workplace are more than cooperative, they pay strict attention to details, are solely concerned with the satisfaction of our clients far and wide,together we can do more.

I like how they are able to push out ideas and also be able to keep everything on track

Review from Design Dept

Very organized in getting people together

As a fairly independent group, we've been somewhat insulated by the frequent changes that the main business units of Samsung experience quarter to quarter.

The team communicates appreciation very often

Review from Design Dept

Good and knowledgeable and seems to care

They mean what they say and they follow through. They know that the people are what drive the company. They are also very customer focused

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

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Posted 9 days ago

We need to work together as a team

They honestly need to listen better and try to acknowledge the workers.

they need to work on their stuff not let those bellow them do it and decrease the work span

Customer focus, humility, willingness to change and admit failure, break paradigms, apply the same innovation and technology in their products to their process and tools

Corporate communcation, employee health and diversity

People management, empathy and focused leadership

Communication and integration with the local workforce

This company will turn it's back on you and has no loyalty and does not respect its employees

Review from Engineering Dept

Samsung's leaders need to recognize that talent exists at all levels, not just their VPs and above.

Review from Marketing Dept

Needs to get better at listening to the ideas of the employees

Review from Engineering Dept

Stop messing things around PRS is not a good solution!! Also making the field team stay long hours in retail locations makes us look bad!!! And we are in the middle of the way! We don’t own retail stores and they do not have have us standing around. Come up with a better idea than setting up a tabe

Review from Marketing Dept

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