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Tech Mahindra Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

Average Crowd and high Attrition due to mismanagement

I am friends with eveyone

Everyone helps each other to solve the problems

Everyone working towards one goal

Relatively new employees to the company

team spirit and the work ways that are very customer aligned

Review from IT Dept

The best thing about my team is that thereis trust, accountability

The best thing about jy team is that there is trust, accountability, healthy debate(best conflict management within the team).Our team works together to achieve 1 common goal together as our team leader always make sure to imbibe our companies mission, vision and value so that team apply them

we explore across domains and deal with latest tech

We have very good team of experienced guys in technical documentation. We work efficiently as per project scope. We work as a Unit to meet the customer requirements.

Understanding and cooperation. Friendly and willing to help

Review from IT Dept

They say if you pay peanuts, you only get monkeys. A troupe of monkeys always has a good time.

Competitive hardworking and family environment

Review from IT Dept

nice team to work that is the only reason why still i am working here

Review from IT Dept

loyal and friendly with each and every

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Leave and Join a better company

None wants to work except the core operation business .supporting function is defunct

My team works together very well. It is working with offshore and other teams that there are issues with. Communication is very lacking in the company.

they need morale to be boosted

Review from IT Dept

Supportive managers that provide adequate resources and tools. Show employees that they are respected and a valuable asset to the company.

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In the Bottom 45% of 1239 similar size companies on Comparably


In the Bottom 30% of 764 companies in San Francisco


3rd place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

Tech Mahindra's team score is currently ranked in the Bottom 45% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 3rd among its competitors. 82% of Tech Mahindra employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 52% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Tech Mahindra, the IT department ranks the highest in team score.

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