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Out of 119 Eli Lilly and Company employee reviews, 67% were positive. The remaining 33% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping Eli Lilly and Company improve their work culture. The Sales team, with 86% positive reviews, reports the best experience at Eli Lilly and Company compared to all other departments at the company. The Product team offered the most constructive feedback, with 54% of that department's reviews constructive in nature.

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Leadership Reviews

Did protect employees from age and disability discrimination, threats drug activity etc

Posted 17 days ago

Smart, effective, yet human. Focused on success for their employees

They are rigid when necessary for the success of the work being done, but recognize when they can be flexible for the benefit of the employees without affecting the final product.

Always focuses on the needs of the patient.

Their wish to spot and promote talent

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Leadership Reviews

Listen to employees and change

Not playing favorites among employees

The leadership team appears to be high up on Mount Olympus, disconnected from people doing the work. Little care for employees versus dollar signs. John L was very good at connecting, Dave R is much less so. However, I have confidence in our stock price.

Stop putting personal politics first and focus on product innovation and employee satisfaction

Review from Product Dept

Streamlining bureaucracy in a large organization

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Compensation Reviews

Good pay when compared to the job requirements.

The pay, retirement and helath insurance benefits are very competitive.

Time off is great, especially the company wide shut downs

Awesome growth and stock options

Compensation, bonuses, and retirement packages

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Compensation Reviews

Pay is terribly low. Way too much favoritism.

Underpaid compared to other pharma companies.

financially it's one of the worst multinational companies

Management plays favorites, promotes personal friends rather than based on performance

The bonuses, even at plan are pretty small. So as a newer representative with a lower salary, it is a bit disappointing to see that three months and thousands of prescriptions later, you only earned $3000 for the quarter. Give us bigger bonus opportunity or allow greater than a 7%(pres club) raise.

Review from Sales Dept

What are some of the best things about your team?

Team Reviews

Safety and quality are always the top priorities.

We always support each other to acheive our team goals.

Very caring, empathetic and supportive

Effective, strategic, cohesive, and proactive

We are a team literally located around the globe but we act and function like a close small team would

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Team Reviews

Far less meetings, listen to employees

Actually do their jobs. Answer when called

Management needs to stop showing favoritism towards personal friends

Stop focusing on their work performance ratings and tearing down their coworkers for personal gain.

Review from Product Dept

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Environment Reviews

They operate with positive reinforcement, rewarding safety and quality oriented behavior.

Very friendly, innovative and open work culture

We all put people first and foremost

the patient/customer focus of all tasks

Very inclusive culture. Lilly, all colors want to be paid more.

Review from Sales Dept

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Environment Reviews

The bullying and drug use need to stop

Posted 17 days ago

Management needs to stop Showing favoritism toward personal friends

We are not very efficient and bureaucracy is painful to some. The company does a good job of letting us balance and not overwork. If we get to a point where we need to compete instead of increasing price, we will need to get serious and unwind a lot of the useless checks we have added over time.

More ability for the better people to work remotely.

merge with a company with a more favorable culture

Review from Product Dept

What did you like most about the interview process?

Interviews Reviews

Very nice people handled it

Posted 17 days ago

The interviewers were incredibly nice and had genuine interest in how well we would fit into the existing teams.

More importance to attitude and qualitative

Behavior based questions and personalized

The number of people from various areas that I interviewed with

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Interviews Reviews

Management needs to stop showing favoritism toward personal friends

Be nicer to people when they interview.

Make it less of an interrogation and more of a discussion.

Review from Product Dept

Include some technical questions for technical positions.

What makes you most happy at work?

Outlook Reviews

Helping sick people with the medicine wr make

Posted 17 days ago

Impacting patients lives ams helping them

The satisfaction of making a positive impact in our customer's lives and learning something new every day.

Being able to do what we feel adds values

Contributing to making life better for worldwide patients battling cancer

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Outlook Reviews

Management needs to stop showing favoritism towards personal friends

Too much work and too many levels.

Nothing wrong with the company culture, but there is outside pressure by consumers for pharmaceutical companies to lower their drug prices.

Culture of micromanagement needs to be changed

Review from Product Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Outlook Reviews

The opportunities given to me that help me to learn new skills. Also, loved that I had the freedom and management support to take on opportunities that I discovered on my own.

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Outlook Reviews

Unfortunately, leadership seems to think that laying off people will help the company be more profitable. This seems to be the current trend for a lot of companies. I survived a couple of layoffs and the third one, I didn't. After 16 years, I went to my 13th boss. Unstable for me.

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