Q&A With Epson Employees

As part of our commitment to quality, individuality, and teamwork, we've implemented a pay-for-performance program that rewards high-performing Epson employees. We also provide rewards for participating in formal process improvement activities. With both of these programs, we want to make sure that team members are meaningfully recognized for ensuring that promoting the excellence of Epson products is always a priority.

How employees describe working at Epson

I am very happy to work at epsion.

Posted 9 days ago

Quality of the product and services.

Everything to make staff happy

kind person good listener and approachable

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Q&A With Epson Employees

Asked to the Customer Support Department at Epson

  • Unmotivating. Lack positivity.

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Asked to the Customer Support Department at Epson

  • Phone support lacks technical ability and/or motivation to do their job. Very little accountability.

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Asked to all employees at Epson

  • 2 week’s 3 after 5 years 4 after 10 years

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37% of Epson employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 38% are neutral and 25% would not recommend working at Epson to their friends.

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