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What makes you most happy at work?

Getting the job done within time lines

Posted 7 days ago

Developing my team to provide customer service

Knowing i have to be done at some point

Working with my customers and my coworkers

Learning new tasks or finishing up area such as clearing backed up work

The costumers are amazing people and the team i work with

Overall moderate but sometimes good

Coming into work and being happy

When we stay busy and my supervisor isn't being hateful.

When me and my coworkers complain about entitlement from customers.

I get to hang out with my coworkers

Review from Sales Dept

Seeing the little kids running around since growing up with siblings made me like kids

Review from Sales Dept

Just being able to have someone sign up for a MPRCC

Review from Sales Dept

The happy faces and the laughter I know i have everyday

Review from Sales Dept

My co-workers. Knowing that they’ll be around to help me and to lighten the mood.

Review from Sales Dept

Seeing children and interacting with customers

Helping the customers every day.

Review from Sales Dept

Meeting the customers and the children

Review from Sales Dept

Speaking with new customers, the atmosphere

The discount

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

the company needs to reasses what theyre focusing on

Corporate and managers takes advantage of employees and treats us poorly

We got a new boss who doesn’t know what’s going

Mainly management needs to improve

Review from Sales Dept

Feel left out of everything there

I would like to do other things besides fold the same clothes

Review from Sales Dept

Get a new store manager

Review from Sales Dept

Senior Leadership is completely disconnected and allows rudeness and a culture of disrespect to thrive.

Managment can use more guidance. Conference calls for the district are outdated and unneeded. Hire more workers at better pay

Review from Sales Dept

Corporate needs to get a clue

Review from Sales Dept

we need better management and more hours. I don't even work 3 days a week.

Review from Sales Dept

Give hours to more than just 3 people

Review from Sales Dept

I need more incentives from the company

Review from Sales Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Leaving at the end of my shift

Family like settings

Review from Sales Dept

Fast paced and it's been growing in a stagnant economy

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

A lot needs to be improved

Culture of grit, lack of recognition

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