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The Walt Disney Company KPIs and OKRs

At The Walt Disney Company 53% of employees think their department KPIs and OKRs are clear. Employees’ understanding of The Walt Disney Company's KPIs and OKRs is essential for its success. Out of 71 The Walt Disney Company employees who’ve answered, “Are your company’s goals clear and are you invested in them?” 47 have said yes.

Are your company's goals clear, and are you invested in them?
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Manager's Role in Accomplishing Goals

A main function of a managerial role is to lead one’s subordinates. A manager at The Walt Disney Company is responsible for ensuring his subordinates accomplish objectives using key performance indicators. The Walt Disney Company employees shared they generally receive helpful feedback once a month or every week, while 73% of The Walt Disney Company employees said they’re given recognition for their impact & accomplishments. Feedback and positive reinforcement are both conducive to meeting goals.

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