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Twitter Founder / CTO Salaries in Denver

The average Twitter Founder / CTO in Denver earns $125,000 annually. This total compensation is $28,536 less than the US average for a Founder / CTO.

In Denver, The Engineering Department at Twitter earns $6,385 more on average than the HR Department.

Last updated 4 days ago.

Average Compensation
avg. base

Founder / CTO Salaries at Twitter

In Denver, Founders / CTOs earn $12,346 more than Senior QAs, and $2,000 less than Jr Developers.

* estimated salary

Compensation at Twitter by Department

In Denver, The Engineering Department averages $6,385 more than the HR Department, and $31,647 less than the Enterprise Risk Department

Enterprise Risk
$180,261 Avg. total comp.
$148,614 Avg. total comp.
$142,229 Avg. total comp.

Founder / CTO Compensation by Ethnicity (All Companies)

The average Caucasian Founder / CTO at companies similar size to Twitter reported making $259,000, while the average Hispanic or Latino Founder / CTO at similar sized companies reported making $220,000.

How Founders / CTOs at Twitter Rate Their Compensation

The majority of Founders / CTOs at Twitter believe they're compensated fairly. 44% of Founders / CTOs at Twitter say they receive annual bonuses, and the vast majority (82%) are satisfied with their benefits. See more compensation ratings at Twitter

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