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Qualcomm Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Certain team member continue provide effort and scarify on work. This make momentum to get work done without feel alone.

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 23 days ago

They are visionaries who push the org forward

My boss is taking care

Review from Engineering Dept

he was supportive, helpful, good mentor,

Driven by execution, fight in the best projects

Review from Engineering Dept

A great executive team to work with

Creating a big vision. Have to still prove those will work out

There great only complaint I have not got paid yet

leadership team is empathetic and fair

It is very good and lively

Love how they can't stop bragging about it being the companiesmost profitable year ever just after they give a 2-5% pay cut to most employees.

They are friendly and understanding

Our leadership team is dedicated to the nurturing its talent and promoting a diverse and inclusive team.

Review from IT Dept

Commitment, knowing about SOTA technology, team management

Review from IT Dept

My leadership team has been remarkable when coming to support from others. Everyone helps each other out.

Review from Engineering Dept

Leadership in IT is based around fear of being scorned by upper management.

Review from Engineering Dept

The leadership team is very experienced and motivated to keep the company at the front of the pack.

A good experience and a lot of camaraderie

Awesome, everyone has a chance to grow

Coordination with in the team

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Stop endemic corruption. Head of HR and Chief Compliance Officer are active in covering up corruption and facilitating retaliation against whistleblowers.

Its a worst team ever

Review from Engineering Dept

The leadership team need to get better at their own people.

Transparency and equitability, reasonable deadlines, update salaries to meet industry peers

being more competent and caring about employees

Stop mentioning work-life balance and actually act on implementing it.

Better at planning and due diligence when undertaking projects impacting the whole company


Review from Engineering Dept

Diversity\nIntelligent product line management

Review from Engineering Dept

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Rated Qualcomm Leadership the Highest

  • Department - Operations
  • Ethnicity - Other
  • Experience - Entry Level

Rated Qualcomm Leadership the Lowest

  • Tenure - 5 to 10 Years
  • Ethnicity - Asian or Pacific Islander
  • Experience - 6 to 10 Years
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