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What is the best part about your compensation package?

How fast we move everyday

Review from Marketing Dept

Not applicable / not on any benefits package

Vacation pay is a nice bonus

Hospital coverage. Care. And ease

The whole experience over all

Medical benifits ate the best

My paid vacation every year

free meals every shift at work

Pay employee discounts working condtions

Part time no benifits at this time

Its been alright so far.

N/A I was informed after the discussion that I would have to either deal with his issues while he is there or I would be relieved of my position. That is an issue in itself on why friendliness/professionalism is all incorporated in a restaurant establishment.

Benefits are good we get paid minimum wage plus tips

Review from Customer Success Dept

Stock options, vacation pay and retirement package

The best part about my job is the people and the pay, except for when it is held over our head and we get threaded to take a pay cut

Review from Sales Dept

The overall rate and packages

Review from Sales Dept

Stock distribution bonuses and retirement plan.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Not sure if we even have a compensation package.

Review from Operations Dept

Leisure to spend time with family and make my own hours

Review from Sales Dept

Health Benefits stands out but the overall package is helpful

Review from Product Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

If it was comparable with other stores I'd feel alot better

Posted 20 days ago

I was never made aware of any benefits upon being hired. I was just 'hired and put to work'.

Posted a month ago

Mangers don't care about FOH. No "thank you's", no "great jobs", no "awesomes". Just there to get through the job.

I no longer work at this place but i never recieved any benefits nor a raise in 2 years. I put away 2 trucks a week,worked 70+ hours and got nothing but a paycheck.

Idk my FOH checks are not as good as my BOH checks and its hard when you have car payment and a phone payment usually in the same week

Expect 1000% while paying you nothing

I am thinking about asking for another raise but with inflation so high i feel like i dont make enough

Recently, my pay got dropped down to $0/hour, it took me a minute to realize it because as a server I only make $2.16/hour, not a huge decrease, so I didn't realize it for a few weeks. I hate that we don't walk home with our cash anymore. That's the whole appeal to serving.

They promise you one thing but if the favorite employee doesnt like it they will not do as they say.

Taken advamtage of and picking up slack too often

Need more money and need 41k

Nothing , the managers talk about employees behind their backs and to other employees.

Majority of the managers ignore what we say, when we do speak up; we are reprimanded and sent home. I would love to have lunch breaks and breaks.

Review from Customer Success Dept

Not being called names by my bosses

Management sucks and takes everything to personal

making less than minimum wage before tip share would be great

Experience and length of time working for the company is not rewarded consistently within the program. That needs to change. Someone who has been with TXR shouldn't have to fight for a fair raise after having been there over five years. My location hardly uses the "new Legendary You points".

Review from Operations Dept

Affordable insurance would be nice

Review from Sales Dept

Bartending shouldn’t be considered an entry level position, but that’s not just Texas Roadho

Review from Sales Dept

I was laid off because a coworker tested positive for Covid 19 on heresay that I had direct contact even though the speculated contact was over the 7-10 day quarantine requirement. My corporate line told me I was wrongly sent home and capable of working. My MP then sent me home anyways.

Review from Sales Dept

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262 employees at Texas Roadhouse score their wages and compensation a C+ on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 63% say Yes. The Operations department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 80/100, a full 23 pts above the Admin department. If you want detailed data about Texas Roadhouse's wages, see the <a href="https://www.comparably.com/companies/texas-roadhouse/salaries">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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