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Millennials at Whole Foods Market

Millennials at Whole Foods Market grade their overall culture a C-; also rating it 64/100, 13 points lower than Whole Foods Market's overall culture as rated by all 263 employees on Comparably. Millennials are considered more demanding and to have higher expectations than their more experienced colleagues. Three areas millennials working at Whole Foods Market think their company is performing well in are: Environment (A), Team (B-), and Outlook, (B-).

Work Life Balance & Community Outreach at Whole Foods Market

Millennials working at Whole Foods Market and everywhere else are striving for a balanced life. At Whole Foods Market, most employees are satisfied with their work life balance. The average Whole Foods Market employee receives 15-20 paid days off per year, and socializes with their peers once a month outside of work. See what employees at Whole Foods Market think about their work life balance.

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Mentorship and Professional Growth for Millennials at Whole Foods Market

Within Austin, 35% of millennials shared they have a mentor. At Whole Foods Market, 40% of millennials say they receive mentorship, which leads to the assumption that Whole Foods Market is a great place to work for millennials focused on their professional growth. See what employees think about mentorship and professional growth at Whole Foods Market.

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Sentiment Toward Perks & Benefits at Whole Foods Market

Employees at Whole Foods Market have ranked their perks and benefits in the Bottom 20% of companies within Austin and in the Bottom 35% of similarly-sized companies on Comparably. When asked to estimate how much employees think Whole Foods Market spends on their benefits, the most common answer selected is less than $500/mo. If Whole Foods Market employees had to select additional benefits not already provided it would be massage therapy and meditation/yoga classes. Learn about perks & benefits at Whole Foods Market.

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Retaining Millennials at Whole Foods Market

It’s difficult to retain a millennial, and all three aforementioned sections listed bear importance. To recap, Whole Foods Market employees rate their work life balance an A+. They think very highly of Whole Foods Market's professional growth opportunities. Employees have graded Whole Foods Market's perks and benefits a C-. These ratings and reviews lead us to conclude that Whole Foods Market is an excellent company for the millennial workforce. Learn more about Whole Foods Market's efforts to retain employees.

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