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Caterpillar Inc. Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

My coworkers are a good bunch to work with.

caterpillar is well known company

Am highly recognized for my hard work.

Getting the job done to move on to the next project

People colleagues talents growth mindset digital solutions futuristic

Fair pay. Distribution of work

Review from Operations Dept

Not seen such scenario at work.

Meaningful work and support if needed.

Quitting time and pay

Working hard with others to meet customer needs while being fully supported and recognized by management

The hourly people, if you treat them with respect they will value you

Working for a world class brand

Having important work to do.

Review from HR Dept

Getting to work on complex machines interacting with the real world.

Being challenged and learning new things everyday.

The thrill of achieving the goals ahead.

Review from Product Dept

Getting and interacting with colleagues at work

Review from Product Dept

Having great staff that treats each person like they matter

Review from IT Dept

The money, the customers, the environment.

Review from Product Dept

I get to work in a field I love

Review from Product Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Communication and not short staffing. Also it is very disheartening to know that because I'm gay my time request offs get taken less seriously and denied more than my straight co workers

Review from Operations Dept

We are treated poorly by executive management. They don’t care about what we contribute and are fast to criticize and make changes without understanding the impact on their e

Review from Engineering Dept

Constant favoratism, very little training, toxic culture, constantly raising work quotas etc

I know it seems cliche, but employees generally understand that we work at a publicly traded company. But stop running the company based on shareholders and start focusing on the customers would be a good start. Sacrificing quality and employee safety for shareholders does not seem sustainable.

Wrong leadership in key positions. Gotta get experience in there to train those positions before handing over.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Better pay for the area.

Review from Operations Dept

Give a cost of living pay increase. Put safety first. Stop giving people the run around when it comes to getting tools that eork

Review from Product Dept

The current entire management structure needs a complete shakeup and replacement. It could be improved by having management that actually have done and know the jobs they are managing. Not just any joe blow off the street or another facility that has a degree.

Review from Operations Dept

Fragmentation, lack of clear direction, lack of care for people customers and employees. Too much focus on OPACC, silos and shareholder return.

New management will definitely help

Review from Operations Dept

No rewards for hard work.

Review from Operations Dept

People making decisions for a role they dont understand. Make us more efficient.

Review from Engineering Dept

Bad managers. All about the boys club don’t know what they are doing. No training program for new associates. Turnover horrible. Problems that exist in Waco DC because they don’t know how to manage or lead

Review from Customer Support Dept

Working too many hours/ days.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Nothing will change the managers get yearly raises and hourly nothing. Big dogs reap the rewards of the little people

Review from Operations Dept

Improve flow of product. Hire qualified personnel. Make welding a skills trade

Review from Operations Dept

I spend more time at work than I do with my family

Review from Engineering Dept

Inexperienced personnel in positions they don't understand

Review from Engineering Dept

Management is an extreme problem at Caterpillar in Pomona, MO HPH including the manager's on the shop floor. This place needs a whole makeover

Review from Product Dept

Too much to do with a shrinking staff

Review from Product Dept

What do you like best about your company?

I am inspired by the company's mission.

Review from HR Dept

Global impact of the work we do

Review from Marketing Dept

Their investment in everyone's safety

Review from Operations Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

I'd like the internal brand to be more consistent.

Review from HR Dept

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