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What are some of the best things about your team?

They are all wicked smart and not lazy

We have created an atmosphere where we can help each other out in different departments and share the workload.

Kind coworkers willing to help and train

people care about what they produce

knowledgable and helpful. Everyone is willing to pitch in when we have an issue to resolve.

They have great knowledge and experience

Review from Customer Support Dept

we all get along and have a good sense of humor which makes the day go better

I have a great team of technicians. They are trained in so many different areas.

Very strong and smart always willing to help

Review from Customer Support Dept

Gor the most part. Some could be emails, but they do well expressing changes and important info

Review from Customer Support Dept

Team works well together. We have a diverse skillset and have the freedom in our department to divide our workload based on our individual strengths.

We all are very supportive of each others work life balance, and work well collaborating to support all areas of our business.

we all work together to try and help each other

I am on a new team!

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Stop blaming unrelated conditions for the repeated daily failures of your software from 2015

We were not allowed to be with other coworkers, upper management could talk all day but we could not

We work together great no problems

Review from Customer Support Dept

Communication with managers and each other.

Review from Customer Support Dept

more team work and less showmanship

Review from Customer Support Dept

There is really no need for teamwork

What my coworkers & I need is a raise & more bonus incentives.

Review from Customer Support Dept

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In the Bottom 45% of 1239 similar size companies on Comparably


Not enough ratings to compare against companies in Saint Louis, MO


4th place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

Express Scripts' team score is currently ranked in the Bottom 45% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 4th among its competitors. 79% of Express Scripts employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 46% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Express Scripts, the Operations department ranks the highest in team score.

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  • Experience - 1 to 3 Years
  • Department - Operations
  • Department - IT

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  • Experience - 3 to 6 Years
  • Tenure - Less than 1 Year
  • Department - Customer Support

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