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HCA Healthcare Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

I love to teach and assist the Teams. Share my knowledge and experience. I love it when the lightbulb of understanding is lit.

Review from Finance Dept · Posted 2 days ago

Interesting and exciting work that makes a difference in peoples lives

Leadership and my overall department.

Being able to help someone

Completely respondents and having long term connections

working with my team and helping other people

The team i work with and helping our patients

Working from home are the best days... I do nit have to interact with lazy and negative people

Break time - no, rarely get one Coworkers and clock out time! Knowing i did my job well!

recognition and appreciation and fair pay

Review from Customer Support Dept

Coming in every day is easy.

My coworkers and most of the patients.

The relatioships I have formed over the years and helping the patients

Having two patients so that I can give each enough time.

The thought that im helping people.


the patients and care giving

the other employees i work with

Review from Admin Dept

Completing a new task quickly and accurately

Finding ways to improve, creating a plan, then executing. The process actually completes.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

HCA will continue to go downhill. its impossible to succeed at HCA. IMPOSSIBLE.

Review from Operations Dept

MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE. Very stressful work environment.

Corporate ruination of frontline employees and moral. Sell to a decently managed nonprofit.

It all comes down to staffing and this company does not care about retention

Servant Leadership. Patients and their caregivers > profits and Magnet Status.

See last comment. Listen to your employees and stop cutting safe staffing. Actually care about your employees and customers. A child is not a number!! Your family member is not a number. Stop having number crunchers tell us what “safe staffing” is and listen to the professionals who do the wo

Review from Customer Support Dept

Start caring more about employees and patients than stock returns.

The lack of attentiveness due to lack of staff.

They should have someone come in and sit with us with a prompt to visit

less money needs to be spent lining Sam Hazen's pockets and more spent within the facility. Hire more people to work in the areas. I mean how does a CEO turn a profit in the middle of a pandemic?

Treat patients like they matter

Short staffed, under paid, abuse management

Better pay and benefits for employees

Review from Customer Support Dept

More support staff to support the work load

Review from Operations Dept

Stressful environments and lack of adequate staff

Review from Customer Support Dept

less supervisor and hire more workers

Management is horrible. They turn good workers bad

Review from HR Dept

Communication tends to be lacking from upper management

Review from Customer Support Dept

Management needs to improve and pay more for staff

The organizarion exploits patients financially when they are most vonurable.

Review from HR Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Allows us 2 hours per month to do volunteer work.

Review from Operations Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

The PTO policy. It's abysmal for a company this profitable.

Review from Operations Dept

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