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Infosys Interviews Employee Reviews

What did you like most about the interview process?

It was fairly easy to complete.

Review from IT Dept

Yes iam lntrested in interview

manage to company get in to the work

The interview seemed great but was ultimately misleading, with speckles of lies. You find out after a few months of little by little lies that catch up to them.

Very straight forward as per requirements

Felt like a conversation instead of rigid formal interview

Review from Marketing Dept

Interview was done remotely, that was a plus

It was straight forward and expeditious

I liked the work culture

Review from Engineering Dept

Friendliness , clear communication, respectful

average interview. Any one with basic skills can crack it.

Review from IT Dept

They don't strangulate , they do direct questions if any

My recruiter is very responsive.

Review from Business Development Dept

recruiter connect and timely response

Timely updates after the interview

Review from IT Dept

Ease of scheduling and the flexibility.

Review from IT Dept

the unexpected question pattern the tried

Review from IT Dept

They will test your thinking and learning abilities rather than checking your knowledge on particular subjects

Easy and fast at identifying the skiilset

Review from IT Dept

The ease of conducting the interview

Review from Engineering Dept

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Send out a study guide

Company interview process is not that good as well

They were basically hiring anyone with a stem BS degree and a pulse.

Nothing in particular but mostly to bring transparency

Review from Engineering Dept

Being to give better HR fields to selects

Review from Engineering Dept

Infosys renegotiated their initial offer 3 times before I finished their interview process. Each offer was presented as unaware of the previous offer. Thus, my final offer was $15K less, than the initial offer, which I have never recovered. GET YOUR OFFER IN WRITING EARLY!

Review from IT Dept

The job descriptions and salary negotiation transparency

Review from Marketing Dept

A technical test can be followed by interesting discussions rather than trying to break down the interviewee.

Review from Engineering Dept
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