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Infosys Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Flexible working hours and room for growth.

Review from IT Dept · Posted 18 days ago

Mostly the weekends and also the recreational facilities on campus.

My team and work accomplished

my team most happy work

Successful implementations with new technologies

When I learn a new software or application, it keeps it challenging and engaging.

i'm committed and responsible for the work

Review from IT Dept

Solving smart problems and dealing with smart people

Review from Design Dept

working with my amazing colleagues

Quality of people around you, different problems to solve on a daily basis.

Review from Engineering Dept

The facilities and smart people.

Review from IT Dept

My client truly appreciates my contribution and effort on their behalf. I am treated equally to their employees and actively participate in the decisions impacting the client's business.

Review from IT Dept

My work and green facilities

Review from Marketing Dept

the snacks available in the worktime and positive working place

Review from IT Dept

The break I take and chat with my coworkers and find out they feel the same way you do about the company

Review from IT Dept

Learn something new and implement what you learn

Colleagues and pass time activities

Review from IT Dept

enthusiastic team and challenging work

Review from Engineering Dept

Rich work environment with good facilities but only within campus, no extra benefits or perks

Achievements, care, kindness, honesty, transparency

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Infosys is only behind the money, they just need contracts and employees to work without asking salary or promotion

They directly misled customers on the quality and progress of work. They billed customers for perceived high quality work/if any was done at all.

Change the leadership team in the infosys no work life balance at all

Because of visa fraud the customers are stuck with less qualified resources

Leaders lie. You cannot have an attrition of over 50% and say the market is good so the employees are leaving. Retrospect.

No proper guidance. Its is just winging it all the time.

Review from IT Dept

Things all are going to wrong,head department also nothing in their head

Review from Engineering Dept

Lot of things are wrong nothing can be done to improve the company but you can improve your life by moving on to some other employer

Review from IT Dept

Company needs smarter managers and policies that work on the ground level

Review from IT Dept

It cannot be improved as company senior leaders aim at money gain and maintaining their power and not on creating a good environment. BEcause according to them, any one can do work/development/testing etc. Monitoring everyone is important as per them.

Review from Engineering Dept

I hate work. Who doesn't. It's not bad but it's disorganized.

Review from IT Dept

Very less compensation and benefits, Once you are in, no promotion or pay hikes. So kind of stuck in the same designation.

Review from IT Dept

It cannot be improved, this is their culture. U can improve ur self by moving out and finding job else where. That way u can be happy and satisfied

Review from IT Dept

Better clients and better boss

Review from IT Dept

No motivation to work st client as there is absolutely no positive or conducive environment

Review from IT Dept

They don’t share then profits and they dont motivate employees

Review from IT Dept

Full change. Client prefer to go with local companies due the fact of the non compete policy. Client will no longer invest time and money in a resource that in the future cannot be converted

Review from IT Dept

More employee focused and future vision. Empliyees are critical for success. The moment you lose emoloyee confidence the comoany ks going to lose

Review from Engineering Dept

Putting more efforts for employee welfare and getting rid of ridiculous people on top

Company runs with its old name

Review from Engineering Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Strong Brand and facilities in terms greenery

Review from Marketing Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Inclusivity, diversity, empathy, salary parity and frainess

Review from Marketing Dept

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