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Infosys Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

The flexibility is nice compared to previous jobs.

Review from IT Dept

Pretty good compensation as per Indian Standards

Super awesome thanks again for all

10.5 accept this company too good on satisfied this company way

Holidays paid for by the company

Bonus that is paid quaterly

Salary is decent , 401k and insurance

Review from Engineering Dept

Salary is comparable to others in the industry.

the quantum and the industry comparative benefits

The payment of variable pay.

Review from IT Dept

I constantly receives best compensation for my extra work hours and best incentives available.

Review from IT Dept

Timely delivery and easy process

Review from IT Dept

The salary and the bonus are generous

Review from IT Dept

Good Culture. Tech Savvy. Fair Pay.

Review from IT Dept

they provide good health insurance

Review from IT Dept

Competitive and matches the best in industry

Review from Business Development Dept

Variable pay is fair enough

Review from IT Dept

Family Insurance portion andd coverage is good

Review from IT Dept

Got good 401 k package and the retirement

Review from Engineering Dept

Somewhat decent Health Insurance

Review from IT Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Salary is not on industry level

Posted 20 days ago

Company is paying very less than market

Posted a month ago

It not fair salary and employee do not care about company

The work load and time is not justified for the compensation.

Review from Design Dept

Increase the compensation to market levels

Salary at par with other employees.

Poor Compensation below market Standards.

The system does not inculcate culture of trust and respect

Normalisation should be done to today's standard of living

you are working hard for the client, getting the contract again and again but no motivation from the team or executives. no salary raise.

They lied to me, saying they value people and me. I saw others treated dreadfully. Foer example, one person was deported back to India when their manager and leadership did not help him keep working in the US. He was treated like human cattle.

The compensation is quite low

Compensation tied to "upskilling" efforts and initiatives. Being able to actually utilize the PTO which is "offered" to employees.

Because they treat their employees like slaves while i joined the project they didnt even give me the proper access which i need to work for and they expect to work quickly i feel like i am wasting my career

Increased pay would be a great syart

Open compensation policies and pay equity

LTD benefits are horrible, the Hartford does whatever they can to not pay LTD benefits.

Being compensated at par with industry is a good start

Market assessment and skill normalisation should be done regularly

Review from IT Dept

should be recognized our work and good hikes

Review Sentiment at Infosys


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In the Bottom 10% of 1309 similar size companies on Comparably


In the Bottom 10% of 623 companies in New York


6th place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

254 employees at Infosys score their wages and compensation a D- on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 40% say Yes. The Product department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 68/100, a full 28 pts above the Design department. If you want detailed data about Infosys' wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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