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Intel Corporation Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

first base salary second yearly bonus

Posted 7 days ago

The split trio of every year stock bonus and base pay is great

Posted 16 days ago

Thers more than just a base pay -- its quaterly and anual bonuses and stocks westing every now andd then -- evey time i receive more than just a monthly salary -- i am happy

Posted 24 days ago

It is competitive and comprehensive, including base, bonus, and equity. Benefits are expansive and well-priced for the market.

Review from Marketing Dept

Total Compensation is very good

Health insurance is really good

Salary, annual bonus, RSU, health plan, 401K

health insurance dental and vision cheap

Bonus benefits reliable inflation insensitive

As an intern I have access to health care as well as the ESPP.

Review from Operations Dept

The pay rate is better than what I've received at other companies and they had a good sign on bonus

Bonus plan- quarterlies, yearly, and other organizational bonuses.

stock purchase plan enables upto 10% /$25k salary purchase of stock at 15% discount.

Stock and benefits definitely make this job worth it

Review from Product Dept

Balanced with great health benefits, equity and good perks

Review from Engineering Dept

QPB and stock sharing also WFH budget

Great benefit and stock option

Review from Engineering Dept

And like other jobs having children does not stop you from being successful and until or having a good work life balance so this is the most important thing if you have a family.

Base salary, time off, and 401k match

Review from Operations Dept

Bonuses that are tied to corporate performance

Review from IT Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Can be improved too low for industry standards

Yes, no point of working hard at Intel

Intel has been slow at keeping up with salaries, usually < 2% pay raise, even though market is really hot.

My group has not given a promotion in 2 years. Now there is a bottleneck and we have engineers who are working above their pay grade and deserve to get promoted, but I doubt Intel will give enough promos to extinguish the situation so they will lose some good engineers.

Compared to peers in other technology companies, much higher compensation can be found. Half the people here are always looking for opportunities to leave.

Review from Engineering Dept

Compared to peers in tech pay is low

salary close to new graduate recruites despite working for Intel for 15 years and rated in the 1st 25% in the grade level two level higher than new graduates.

I am very underpaid. Nearly everyone at Intel is vastly underpaid. In addition to this, Intel squeezes a lot out of you. I have had some roles/teams at Intel that expected me to be on-call 24/7 and would call me at midnight for very small changes.

Both the base salary and stock compensations fall significantly below market.

Leadership pushes URM promotion at the stupid levels just so they can get their bonuses. The remaining pay/promotion opportunities are paid for political wrangling. Intel needs to scrap the current pay methodology and pay for value add to the company.

Review from Engineering Dept

Pay fairly according to the market value of the job description.

Review from Operations Dept

Intel is very stingy with equity.

Review from Engineering Dept

I wish was more competitive in comparison to other Bay Area companies

Review from Operations Dept

Match the stock given by other big tech corporations. We made almost $10 billion in profit last year and Intel spends billions to buy back its own stock. The least it could do is pay its employees fairly.

Review from Engineering Dept

Undervalued doesn’t just mean that you’ve paid below national or state average. Undervalued can also means that they know you are a talented person and a good fit for the role, yet they still try to micromanage you which results in lacks of growth and inability to be creative.

Review from Engineering Dept

Intel pays 30% under market for technical positions.

Review from Engineering Dept

Compensation is bottom tier and management cynically deploys 20 year old stats to justify underpayment, while dangling a promo to fool engineers to work even harder.

Review from Engineering Dept

The pay doesn't match the amount of work I do

Review from Engineering Dept

outsourcing has really degraded pay rates, I guess that's the point right

Review from Product Dept

A manager that is transparent and support career growth, proper compensation for my skills and talent, free food or at least better pricing on food items, and last but not least a culture and morale that puts the team before the individual. All are lacking at Intel corporation.

Review from Engineering Dept

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347 employees at Intel Corporation score their wages and compensation a B+ on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 56% say Yes. The HR department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 100/100, a full 35 pts above the Business Development department. If you want detailed data about Intel Corporation's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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