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Manheim, Inc. is an automobile auction company. It is the largest one in the world by volume of trade. As a subsidiary... read more
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Working At Manheim

Manheim employees answer questions about what life is like behind the scenes at their company, including queries about culture, leadership, professional development, and compensation.

How employees describe working at Manheim

honesty in their business dealings

Exciting and fast paced. This job requires your full attention because a normal day and especially sales days are always very busy

Great team atmosphere and I enjoy every day,

Mostly positive. Recognition and compensation poor. Not bad for part time job.

pleasant and keeps me busy pay is decent

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Q&A With Manheim Employees

Asked to all employees at Manheim

  • Depending on years served. 0-4 years = 24 days PTO, it grows depending on the years served.

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Asked to all employees at Manheim

  • Listening to women instead of just giving lip service to diversity

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Asked to all employees at Manheim

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    There is very little parental leave and I am making the very bottom of my salary band for my position.

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47% of Manheim employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 20% are neutral and 33% would not recommend working at Manheim to their friends.

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