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The Walt Disney Company Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Ability to be creative with IP

Being able to try new, creative and innovative ways of doing our work

Hope on having a positive feeling.

Clocking out and sometimes free park admission

Abulity to Work from home!

My family and I enjoy the perks such as theme park access and other discounts.

Having time to actually make a guest happy and give them a piece of the magic. Its been so long since ive been able to authentically do that.... i feel like ive lost the magic.

The excitement of customers around our product.

Review from Operations Dept

Make the memories for our guest

leaving. leaving makes me most happy.

Review from Operations Dept

Always learning new things and meeting new people

Review from IT Dept

Meeting people from all over the world and sharing the magic of Disney with them

Review from Operations Dept

Meeting objectives and goals given to us.

Review from Operations Dept

Getting to work on challenging projects.

Review from Finance Dept

Knowing that we are making an experience that will create joy in people's lives for many years to come.

Solving problems and giving customers good service

Review from IT Dept

Working with others who enjoy the company and what it stands for.

Review from Finance Dept

Coworkers and making magic for guests

Review from Customer Support Dept

Work that is interesting and problems that are solvable.

Review from HR Dept

I enjoy making guest day with bussing.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Bad press on CEO and missteps with leadership team.

Posted a month ago

CEO bad wrap. Cost cutting everywhere. Money over magic

I get cursed at, spat on, and my life threatened for trying to enforce policies. My leadership does the best they can with the paltry tools they've been given. We are overworked and understaffed, and this is coming from the team that brings in the most money for our line of business in our park.

Review from Sales Dept

It seems more and more that the individual is less and less valued unless every task they do is contributing to higher numbers and higher financial gain.

Review from Communications Dept

Already stated: better pay, respect, and affordable benefits.

Review from Operations Dept

they need to implement me as the President of wellness

Review from Operations Dept

I don't dread it, but excited is not how I would describe going to work

Review from Operations Dept

Work better together at work

Review from Operations Dept

Not paid well enough and feel like no one cares.

Review from Operations Dept

I do not think this program (Disney English) can be salvaged at this point. It is too far gone.

Review from Sales Dept

Guests love the company's products, but feel the company is too focused on money. I have full confidence in the company's success so long as consumers can afford it, but they are losing the loyalty of those who have to fight to experience Disney.

Review from Sales Dept

Being properly compensated for my full time job so I don't have to choose between paying rent on time or going without groceries for the week.

Review from Operations Dept

The costs are going up, larger crowds, and overall quality has gone down.

Review from Operations Dept

Better pay and benefits. The work is so mind-numbing that 2 people can do it efficiently, and be paid more to do so.

Review from Design Dept

too much work and not enough time

Review from Operations Dept

The company is greedy and all about the bottom line, not the people

Review from Operations Dept

No one cares about anyone but themselves. Also everyone things they are so much better than others

Review from Customer Support Dept

Literally completely everything. Literally everything.

Review from Operations Dept

Just need more of a balance between work an life. I need to be ablessed to make my modest bills without working 60 hours a week

Review from Operations Dept

I am treated like a number not a person because im so easily replaceable

Review from Sales Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Brand stands for excellence in entertainment,

being able to make dreams come true

Review from Operations Dept


our products make people happy

Perks that you can't get anywhere else.

Review from Engineering Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Increased compensation, more opportunities to lead and overall recognition of people of color.

being able to utilize my strengths and talents properly

Review from Operations Dept

sluggish pace

Recognition is a little light but getting better

Review from Engineering Dept

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