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The Walt Disney Company Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

Trust, communication, honesty, fun, professional

Posted 6 days ago

We are collaborative and iterative

Collaboration teamwork and communication among members

I have good workers to see.

Highly collaborative, strategic and focused on collective goals.

We all suffer together. My coworkers are cool but the coordinators and management abuses their power

My cast is amazing but they are always walking on egg shells due to the way the leadership acts

Talented, driven, collaborative and supportive.

Family atmosphere. Fun. Productive. Hard working

Its diversty and abilty to adapt to a fast changing enviorment

My team is very hardworking

Beautiful variety in our team. People are from all over the world and there is a lot to be learned.

Engaged personalities and invested in the corporate culture.

Review from Operations Dept

free admission to the parks

Review from Operations Dept

Highly intelligent, dedicated, passionate, fun people in every segment of this company

Review from IT Dept

Everyone loves to make magic

Review from Operations Dept

Work very well as a team

Review from Operations Dept

I get to work with a lot of smart people who are all committed to working toward the same mission.

Review from Finance Dept

Smart, passionate, capable people with a great attitude.

We...the people on the ground level, are a team. Those above us call us family while ignoring us face to face. But those who make them look good understand that we, separate from the executives, are the tru family.

Review from Sales Dept

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Better collaboration and less politics.

Posted a month ago

Fairness starting at the executive level.

Being more compassionate and welcoming.

My co-workers should understand that we are adults and personal feelings and personal politics should not be present in the work place. We should be here to work, not always attack each other.

Review from Communications Dept

Be nicer and not on a power hungry motive.

Review from Sales Dept

No cohesion but we try. The personality types are just too different.

Review from Finance Dept

wellness if we help them to be happier and healthier they will be more effective

Review from Operations Dept

Hire more in the department so there is less stress

Review from Operations Dept

Teamwork values need to be taught and properly implemented.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Communication is key...and also not hard to accomplish.

Review from Operations Dept

There is so much immaturity. People are so under qualified and cannot handle adult responsibilities.

Review from Sales Dept

They need to stop being so negative about their time in the company. If they hate it so much then they should leave so work is not a miserable time for the others that want to be there.

Review from Sales Dept

Everyone needs to remember it's work not a High school prom

Review from Operations Dept

Less electronic communication, more personal, but less meetings

Review from Engineering Dept

My co-workers and leads are mostly reliable and positive. But there is a divide between openers and closers in attitude and priorities that makes the team fractured.

Review from Sales Dept

Better communication between each other.

Review from Operations Dept

Better training and communication so the whole team knows how everything is supposed to work

Review from Operations Dept

Build Team (aka Software Solutions) - if your middle management is going to put into place rigor, work with the other leaders to align and improve the org as a whole instead of putting up walls and preventing collaboration/excellence Shape - middle management needs to roll up their sleeves and work

Review from IT Dept

Nothing needs to improve. Everyone and everything is absolutely the best.

Review from Customer Support Dept

listen to what the employees say . take action

Review from Sales Dept

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The Walt Disney Company's team score is currently ranked in the Top 35% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 3rd among its competitors. 87% of The Walt Disney Company employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 55% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at The Walt Disney Company, the HR department ranks the highest in team score.

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