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Working At Upserve

Upserve employees answer questions about what life is like behind the scenes at their company, including queries about culture, leadership, professional development, and compensation.

How employees describe working at Upserve

Chaos, with a lack of leadership at all levels

Reaching Customer Service for long-term issues or product satisfaction / service issues is nearly impossible. They have a good "chat support" system set up for small "in the moment issues", but no reliable phone numbers or emails or channels for long term help.

The customer service of this company is a complete joke.

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Q&A With Upserve Employees

Asked to all employees at Upserve

  • Not difficult at all. Upserve’s “work life balance” so to speak is really great.

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Asked to all employees at Upserve

  • Great - take the time you need. It's not just lip service. It is actively supported. Obviously, be reasonable and not abusive.

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Asked to all employees at Upserve

  • Quiet in the engineering area.

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33% of Upserve employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 17% are neutral and 50% would not recommend working at Upserve to their friends.

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