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JPMorgan Chase & Co Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Concept of 2 annual bonus and benefits like paid leaves and free transport

Posted 23 days ago

6pm, when I go home

Posted a month ago

Nice looking uniforms and all the tools needed are available

The culture and healthy competition

proximity to co workers makes me feel closer to my city

My coworkers, they are amazing people

The challenging work and seeing how it can benifit customers.

Helping and finding solutions to help my clients short and long term goals

Having autonomy and accountability for the work

I love the friends I have made at Chase

Helping the elderly victims of fraud

When I get the tools and the team collaboration that produce good work where credit is shared.

Helping my team be successful.

There are so many overlapping systems and empty seats that policies often aren't enforced. Once you find the gaps you can take advantage (vacations, WFH, etc.).

My close colleagues and close knit group

I like working with people, helping people, and making great experiences.

Review from Design Dept

When I get to clock out for the day.

The people and the clients.

working in a place that I can thrive and grow.

This is enough too much

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Customer is king mindset needs to be changed

I've already described what's going wrong and what should be improved, but I'm sure it won't. You feel like just a number here and I was scolded for not doing something the day after coming back from losing a very close loved one. Absolutely unreal toxic culture.

Not feeling a shared or common mission.

Feed up with lack of transparency

Review from IT Dept

Not growth oriented and very bad leaders

Review from Engineering Dept

Customer problems that end up making it through to live representatives are the ones that customers can't solve on their own. What matters now is 'Did the rep solve the customer's problem?' not 'How fast did the rep get the customer off the phone?' Customers can hear the stopwatch ticking.

Review from Operations Dept

More hours and not be so harsh

Review from Customer Support Dept

Moral is bad because we feel like leadership ignores us eavh time we attempt to voice a concern or problem with the systems or process

Review from Customer Support Dept

they need to focus more on taking good care of the customer. and actually care about the employees needs

Review from Customer Support Dept

The team members are fine, I can deal with them but the customers are rude, disrespectful, and illiterate.

Review from Sales Dept

Too bureaucratic, you con't do anything above standard or innovation

Review from Operations Dept

Too bureaucratic, you con't do anything above standard or innovation

Review from Operations Dept

As of right now I have nothing.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Not the most exciting work in the world. So I can’t say I am excited to go to work. But I don’t dread going either.

Review from IT Dept

I’ve worked with other groups who were all kind and supportive of one another but my last group was horrible. The climate was dictated from our VP. They all followed her like puppy dogs.

Review from Operations Dept

Gross unfairness in the San Francisco UHNW office

Review from Sales Dept

Nothing specific. But there is always room for improvement.

Review from Finance Dept

Leadership in regards to integrity and values

Review from Customer Support Dept

the upper management makes the rules but they have no idea what it takes to face the customers at the branch. they need to spend more time on site than fancy meeting halls

Review from Sales Dept

Everything is good just the work load sometimes is way too heavy. Also, the competition in the field s fierce.

Review from Operations Dept

What do you like best about your company?

That they are diverse. They are transparent

The company brand is well known.

Review from Operations Dept

That it's the world's top most bank and it focuses on external customers as well as internal customers i.e. the employees

I work with the best people...

Good Opportunities

Review from Finance Dept

It’s a great place to work

Review from Customer Support Dept

Employee Culture

Interesting work and collegial

internal mobility and diversity of positions


Review from Operations Dept

Great vision and focus

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

More time to engage and reap some of those company benefits. There isn't enough time in the day to seek it out the offers. And no access to a lot of it at home.

Transparency around Departments with high attrition rates as well as poor employee surveys.

Review from Operations Dept

Nothing that i'm aware of. I like the way it is.

There has to be a decline in politics and bureaucracy.

Quicker advancement

Review from Finance Dept

Software engineer principles

Review from Engineering Dept

More efficient communication

Review from Customer Support Dept

Less bureaucracy


More black leaders in middle and senior management

Prospects for employees to be challenged

Review from Operations Dept

Improvements happen at a snails pace

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