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Google Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

the free food makes me happy

Posted 14 days ago

Acess to challenging tasks and ability to see th result of your work

Posted 15 days ago

A good environment and people with positive vibes

Posted 19 days ago

Culture, benefits & perks as well as understanding of each other and Manager's supportive and observational (as opposed to micromanaging) nature

Getting to solve technology problems

My peers. My team. Impact on the world.

i can raise idea and challenges that i want to try

i feel very stimulated, and enjoy the work itself

Having flexibility and getting to learn from the smartest people

Review from Sales Dept

My work and my contributions are valued

The behaviour of manager is very good with me

Review from IT Dept

Everyone is there to support you.

Good peers and very good manager, freedom to self organize and contribute with my own perspective

I'm not happy at all

It's a nice atmosphere and if you can finish the job quickly

People, the work, my manager

My team and the products

Benefits and autonomy and brand

The people. Positive and nurturing interactions

Review from Operations Dept

Companys compensation,technology, perks, people, results

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

management needs to be better

Review from Engineering Dept

Team member wages need to increase because recruiting is a challenge

Review from Marketing Dept

No appreciation could treat lower employees better

Overworked & not appreciated is a terrible feeling

Review from Marketing Dept

Promotions are harder to get and managers ranking employees are purely political.

Review from Engineering Dept

company misuses collected data for commercial benefit

Review from Engineering Dept

Sometimes things can be repetitive. I guess doing other things besides typing can boost my working efforts.

Review from Design Dept

Nobody works as a team so I think they should work things out

Review from Product Dept

Nothing is going wrong everything is going the way it should be

Review from Admin Dept

Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine company

Review from Design Dept

I want to work less exhausting

Review from Design Dept

As a company we spend too much time talking politics, and not enough talking quality. Diversity hiring is diluting our skills on aggregate.

Review from Engineering Dept

fewer meetings, more focus on strategic, less on empire buiding

Review from Engineering Dept

Low performers are not handled efficiently.

Review from Legal Dept

Faster weeding out of poor performers

Review from Engineering Dept

Wrong people and redundant processes.

Review from Customer Support Dept

The reward and recognition process is not transparent at all; too many internal politics and rarely middle managers are 'people' managers.

Review from Sales Dept

Management is not invested in people development.

Review from Operations Dept

management is too internally focused - don't care about real success for the customers. attributing (often organic) growth to their actions

Review from Sales Dept

They are employing people to watch netflix all day and do nothing.

Review from Operations Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Progressive management

Review from Engineering Dept

I get to work with Google. Big badge on my resume.

Review from Marketing Dept

Fast paced wonderful and positive environment.

Review from Product Dept

The people and the culture

Review from Finance Dept

The mission to make peoples lives better.

Review from Design Dept

Smartest people, interesting projects, lots of autonomy.

Review from Product Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Engineering should take a more product focused approach.

Review from Engineering Dept

To build up a better marketing position in the world

Review from Marketing Dept

Google need to improve their culture fit and treat woman better.

Review from Marketing Dept

Training on new software

Review from Customer Support Dept

Leadership, honesty, integrity

Review from Business Development Dept

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