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What is the best part about your compensation package?

I don't participate in the health benefits as I've always gotten them through my husband's job, but I was amongst the first frontline workers to get a COVID vaccine thanks to our GM who worked hard to get us voluntary appointments with our county. So, I most enjoy the paid vacations!

Ips was the best part

I don't like the compensation package setup, currently it's not balanced well.

Review from Sales Dept

Affordable and self managed application

they are very generous and needed

Everything is good im satisfied

Its always needed and on time

Annual bonus and spring encentive

Annual bonuses received in early months of following year.

As a part-time employee, truthfully I am not fully aware of my compensation package. I hear that there are fair benefits especially for full-time employees.

Review from Sales Dept

IPS and manager bonus paid out once a yesr

Good pay and appropriate hours.

Sick pay for part time workers

Review from Sales Dept

Paid vacations. Major holidays (like Thanksgiving) off.

Review from Sales Dept

The pay and the opportunity to get insurance

Review from Customer Support Dept

Insurance is affordable and we also get store discounts

Review from Operations Dept

The Christmas Bonus, we get a bonus every year that goes up

Review from Sales Dept

Lots of opportunities for bonuses

Review from Sales Dept

My retirement plan is exemplary

Overtime, holiday, and weekend pay

Review from Sales Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Undervalued for sure, boss thinks if you work at menards then you must work for menards forever

Posted 11 days ago

Nepotism is a regular practice and those who are friends move up whereas those who are neutral are passed over.

Posted 21 days ago

I would like to be appreciated by my managers

A better hourly wage. There is no labor shortage, just a shortage of workers willing to take the bare minimum in pay for all the responsibilities that companies like this are asking workers to do. It's utterly ridiculous how companies wonder why people aren't applying and are constantly shorthanded.

I'm getting paid $10.25 an hour for a job that I've put blood, sweat, and tears into, quite literally. I've almost died multiple times working there, learned everything on my own, and have caught multiple people stealing only to be paid a little over minimum wage and get a pat on the back.

More benefits. Health insurance is quite pricey

Were the ones leading the charge on the floor through hell or high water (both this past 2 years) making record profits but compensation was minimal and only followed our annual variance contractual percentage. How about a little "here's a little something for the efforts".

I want to be treated fairly but also i want them to understand i am high risk pregnancy and that im doing the best i can. I have ristrictions and they allow associates(managers) to speak poorly about me when they dont understand what i am going through. I could lose my baby and they wouldnt care.

Corporate makes being able to start higher on the pay scale difficult. If you don't fit into a short list of degrees you start at barely over minimum wage. Even with experience you're not guaranteed to start higher out until AFTER starting and they approve the experience.

Pay and nonappreciation...its all talk

I work different positions and get minium wage payment

i live in no platte we devalued by town

Menards banks on loyalty, which they get, but pay doesn't grow with the cost of living

Review from Sales Dept

have better sick policy and better raise policy then what is in place

Review from Sales Dept

The employees are not valued - just another number that can be replaced if the GM does not like you or you are not in his chosen few

Review from Customer Support Dept

Hourly workers should be paid more.

Review from Product Dept

Why do I have to take 6 weeks program in order to receive benefits?

Review from Customer Support Dept

I feel I am underpaid and undervalued as a highschool worker for the company given the quality of work I am able to complete.

Review from Sales Dept

living wage increase, no weekends

Review from Sales Dept

The only thing that really differs for pay between managers and full time is bonuses. But they fine managers so much, which is most of the time out of the managers control, that they barely get paid more then full time. And they make the managers work too many hours sometimes.

Review from Sales Dept

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141 employees at Menards score their wages and compensation a C- on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 59% say Yes. The Operations department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 82/100, a full 32 pts above the Customer Support department. If you want detailed data about Menards' wages, see the wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.

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