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C Space Awards

C Space won 2 awards in 2021. In 2021, C Space won for Best Career Growth 2021 and Best CEOs for Women 2021. Based on 2,221 ratings and 84 participants, employees at C Space are very satisfied with their work experience. The overall culture score, 84/100 or A+, incorporates employee ratings based on their feedback on the Work Culture, Team, Diversity and more.


Comparably Awards are provided yearly to top performing company cultures based on real feedback from their employees.

  • Best Career Growth 2021 (Small & Midsize Companies)Best Career Growth 2021 (Small & Midsize Companies)
    C Space
    Best Career Growth 2021
    Best CEOs for Women 2021 (Small & Midsize Companies)Best CEOs for Women 2021 (Small & Midsize Companies)
    C Space
    Best CEOs for Women 2021
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