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Cummins Inc. Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

I just like what I do as I do it with love and passion

Posted 4 days ago

The challenges and coommitmennt make it great

Flexibility for appointments and understanding from my managers.

Cummins doesn't hold the supplier or employee countable. They just get a slap on the hand.

the few people that make it enjoyable most days. the people that understand we are there to work but also need to have fun conversations to pass the day

Review from Product Dept

I am never afraid to be there. Most of Cummins facilities are in southern Indiana. The Cummins headquarters is in Columbus Indiana. The hometown of Mike Pence. There are alot of anti Trans views and people here. I am always very aware of my surroundings. At work I don't need to be.

Clocking out to go home.

My team, my boss and what we do togheter

Review from HR Dept

Learning new things everyday fun

Review from Operations Dept

I love the challenge and to win new deals every day

Review from Sales Dept

My manager, my team and the work

Review from HR Dept

It’s fa

Review from Product Dept

the people around me are great

Review from Operations Dept

Solving a new problem each day, and meeting friendly faces.

Review from Engineering Dept

The pay and the morale among the employees.

Review from Operations Dept

When I can work at my own pace and don't have to worry about SRT time which is almost never but occasionally does happen.

Review from Product Dept

In a position to make difference

Review from IT Dept

Getting accomplished at my job

Review from Operations Dept

I enjoy my job, but I keep getting constant pressure to take other cross functional roles to improve my skills. I am highly skilled in my area, and prefer to stay in that area. I also do not want to relocate.

Great relationship with my manager & passion for the meaningful work I do each day.

Review from Marketing Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Managers need to be dedicated to the growth and development of their employees and not just focused on using those people to get stuff done and make yourself look good. Invest in your people and it will go a lot further than you think.

Motivation to success lacks and could be imprved by incentization.

Review from Engineering Dept

Management is selfish, people are objects

Review from Engineering Dept

We never have enough parts

Review from Product Dept

New management, managers with “Brains”

Review from Operations Dept

Medical insurance is known as the worst in the area, anything major will cause a loss of cars/houses or force bankruptcy since it will consume half your yearly wage

Review from Operations Dept

Work life balance, better pay scale, more training and better opportunities, equal treatment for admin and labor employees, better benefits.

Review from Operations Dept

Hire local talent and increase pay

Review from Engineering Dept

Pay for performance peer reviews I shouldn’t be reviewing my coworkers and that determines how they are rewarded. Team manger should be doing that.

Review from Operations Dept

Over worked with no help to get things done

Review from Customer Support Dept

To many people are in charge..

Review from Engineering Dept

Too much workload and my manager has approval for more headcount but slow to action.

Review from Sales Dept

In the last five years the company is more interested in what outside consultants have to say verse what the employee can offer.

Review from Product Dept

Technical expertise is not valued but diversity without quality of work is rewarded

Review from Engineering Dept

They overcomplicate things more and more each year when we still do the same thing every day all year. The machines are getting worse with each passing month and 10 minute fixes aren't the solution. Also, were under constant pressure to meet a high demand while working 6-7 days a week all year.

Review from Operations Dept

Increasing workload and pace. Afraid that we are going to burn out teams and lose talent based on the rate at which teams are needing to complete projects with limited expansion of resources that can barely meet the minimal beed of near term initiatives.

Review from IT Dept

Better branch management and not someone how takes constructive criticism personal and retaliates and can separate his friends and his work friends.

Review from Product Dept

Unplanned forecast of number of volume, plan is in place to fix but it's just slow going getting that fix in place. Work in high demand and high expectation work environment plus excessive amount of working hours wears on you a lot. Been this way in my area for 2 years solid now.

Review from Operations Dept

Remove poor managers from their role

Review from Operations Dept

They didn't keep commitments to hire

What do you like best about your company?

When it’s time to leave for the day

Review from Operations Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

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