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Esri Employee Reviews

Out of 148 Esri employee reviews, 77% were positive. The remaining 23% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping Esri improve their work culture. The Engineering team, with 73% positive reviews, reports the best experience at Esri compared to all other departments at the company. The Customer Support team offered the most constructive feedback, with 33% of that department's reviews constructive in nature.

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Leadership Reviews

direct management is great! executive management is disconnected from the workplace and environment

Posted a month ago

collaboration. not all teams encourage it.

Colleagues are helpful and kind.

Open Transparent growth oriented people friendly

They try to communicate well

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Leadership Reviews

Having a vision for their teams, supporting their teams in executing that vision. Understanding the challenges their temmates face and helping them to navigate those challenges. Prioritize a productive, healthy work environment over making friends.

Need to Support workers, crazy pressure

In my department, recognizing the worth of their people and actually listening to ideas. We've lost a lot of great people because my department doesn't really allow for any upward mobility.

Way to low pay in the industy. And salary raises minimum around 3 to 4 percent per year. What makes it worse is there is no career advancement at all. You stay same position forever. Good for first job, if you do not leave, it will eventually damage your own career path.

Review from Engineering Dept

Rewarding employees for their dedication and hard work.

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Compensation Reviews

flexibility of how we are compensated

Relocation package and health insurance

Full benefits and hourly pay (paid for every hour worked)

Fully paid health insurance for the entire family

Health Benefits. They pay for everything and my whole family!

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Compensation Reviews

Offer better compensation (we are regularly lower than natl average) and also raises that beat inflation. in 4 years at Esri, only 1 year beat inflation. and I've been a top performer for the majority of them on my team

Posted a month ago

poor compensation and poor communication from executives. Mentioned we could WFH then come back months later and say 2 days a week in office. Sorry but I've built a life WFH now.

Posted a month ago

For the region, they pay on the low end. For the industry they are paying their senior marketing staff far less than their peers.

Given the inflation rates and the pandemic, all Esri workers should be paid the standard of living not below. Many people have degrees making barley above minimum wage and the managers or corporate don't consider people beneath doing the grunt work.

Receiving the average raise per year.

Review from Customer Support Dept

What are some of the best things about your team?

Team Reviews

great quality teammates who have my back and I have theirs. Executive management is the struggle

Posted a month ago

Great teams and quality people.

Posted a month ago

there arent many of them

Nearly all of the people I worked with worked very hard, could communicate well, and were a joy to be around.

Everyone is very inclusive and willing to help eachother.

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Team Reviews

Less meetings and more work

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Environment Reviews

we believe in our tech & purpose

The mission of the company and the Dangermonds makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than just software. Its feels good to know your product can make a positive impact and can be used for good work.

The people are friendly and helpful.

Independence and control over what you build

Everyone is friendly and willing to help each other out.

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Environment Reviews

The product owner needs to have a better vision and not be a micromanager. Lack of proper guidance. No educational endeavors to help employees grow. No side projects to motivate the employees.

Review from Engineering Dept

Senior Managers and Directors need to be leaders

Care workers deserve more respect and compensation for the work they do

People need to be empowered, through resourcing and accountability.

What did you like most about the interview process?

Interviews Reviews

It is very long but this has pros and cons. those that do stay and get hired tend to be good people but we also get poached by faster companies hiring the same person

Posted a month ago

gauntlet of people thru process

Flexible and accommodating with my schedule.

I had four to five interviews before I got the job and even then I felt like a lab rat because my "skills" had to be tested.

You get to meet all the team members

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Interviews Reviews

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What makes you most happy at work?

Outlook Reviews

my teammates have my back and I have theirs. but we all agree poor compensation

Posted a month ago

supporting the needs of our customers thru our work

My colleagues. Learing how to use the newest GIS technology. Connecting with customers.

Hearing customer success stories and interactions

Interacting with my coworkers daily.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Outlook Reviews

The product I work on is stuck in old technologies. It would be better if the product are taken into the modern era

Review from Engineering Dept

Lack of leadership from the Directors. Need other to take action and lead with CEO getting involved in everything.

What do you like best about your company?

Outlook Reviews

Company mission and way of doing business


Review from Customer Support Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Outlook Reviews

The executive team needs to lead and have a clear vision.

Advancement opportunities

Review from Customer Support Dept
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